Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tips on Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the best ways to emphasize your eyes. Whether you choose liquid , pencil or gel liner lining the eyes it the easiest way to make your eyes pop. Pencil being the most preferred product due to its ease and familiarity however gels and liquids can be just as easy and effective once given a chance.

If you choose to go with a liquid liner know that it may take some practice and patience when applying. There are different types of liquid liner brushes there is the pointed tip style which tends to be stiff and pointy (this type is my favorite) and there is the tiny brush tip which moves with the direction it is applied in. I personally find the brush tip harder to control there for making it harder to use.

Here are some tips that will help you when applying liquid liner.
  • I would suggest using liquid liner for the upper lid only as it can give a very dark harsh look when applied to the bottom lashes.
  • Before you begin shake the bottle or tube that the liner is in to give the formula a chance to mix.
  • Steady your hand by resting your pinky finger on your cheek beside your nose or if you prefer rest your elbow on a flat surface such as a counter top thats ok too. This will help your hands from shaking.
  • A good starting point is in the middle of your lash line then you can slowly work inwards and outwards from that point.
  • If you feel more comfortable making tiny strokes that's ok you can always smooth it out in the end.
  • If you make a mistake don't panic simply use a Q-Tip and a mild makeup remover or even face cream to correct it.
  • To make the liner longer-lasting you should apply it on top of your eyeshadow
  • Try to apply the liner as close to the lash-line as possible
  • Always allow the eyeliner dry before you open your eyes
  • NEVER EVER share liquid liners with anyone as this could lead to infections
It may take some practice however liquid liners can create a glamorous and dramatic effect on the eyes which is fabulous!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Facebook ONLY Valentines Giveaway Enter Today!

Its time for my exclusive Facebook ONLY giveaway!!
The theme is Valentines and here is what one lucky winner will receive:

* 1 NYC Nail Polish in Midtown
* 1 NYC Lipstick in Ruby
* 1 Joe Fresh Eye Shadow in Cherry Blossom
* 1 huge 454g bag of Ethical Bean Organic Coffee (for those nights in)
* 1 $10.00 Starbucks gift certificate (for those night out)
* 1 Valentines themed memo pad
* A bunch of Vday chocolates (not pictured)

All you have to do is comment where it said "ENTER HERE" telling me what you intend to do for Valentines. It could be staying at home in your PJ's drinking wine and eating chocolates, going to a party or heading out to a wine tasting with your special someone.

- You must be a resident of Canada (sorry my International friends)
- You must be a fan of my Facebook page
- You must only enter ONE time (all multiple entries will be eliminated)
- you must leave a comment on my Facebook page where it says "ENTER HERE" only telling me your vday plans

Optional: if you feel like spreading the love...
- Tweet about this giveaway or share it through facebook.

I will pick a winner on February 1st so hurry up and enter today.

Click here to join my Fan Page.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Practicing Hair.. What do you think??

When I was in school we had literally a week of hair training. We would learn a few styles a day and had a hair exam at the end. I chose to do hair bows for my final project here's how it came out. The theme was "Little bow peep meets high fashion"...

I added bows to finish off the look and hide the barrel curls.

I loved the idea of hair bows even before I knew Gaga did it lol. Anyways so that's about all the hair training we got which really wasn't enough to help me feel confident in bridal and occasion updos. I have been doing well since graduating not offering hair services but Ive decided to slowly practice on my dear friends to get a better idea of what I'm doing when it comes to hair.

Last night my girl came over and let me curl, tease and spray the heck out of her hair and for that I owe her a BIG thank you. Here's how it came out.

(Click to enlarge)

I would have defined the curls a lot more if it was for a special occasion but since we were just practicing I left it.

So what do ya think? This was my first updo ever on a human head other than mine LOL...

I was actually pretty proud of myself with this one :) Way better than working on a mannequin head!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

What's In My Makeup Kit?

As I started to build my kit after school I quickly realized that the small metal case we got wasn't going to work for me. It was heavy, hurt my hands after 5 minutes, was tiny and just wasn't practical to lug around from sets to brides so I researched a ton and finally settled on this Pro soft sided rolling case which I got from

I LOVE my case. Its super easy to get around with because it has wheels and while yes it can get heavy and if you have to go up stairs its not the best but for the most part I'm really happy with it. Its on sale now too for $159.95 which is a great deal as I paid more.

This case has so many pockets and areas to store products so it makes it great for organizing. Below is just a sample of my kit. I didn't take everything out to show you because there is a lot of stuff but for the most part you will get the idea.

The top flap lifts up and while there are slots for brushes as the top picture shows I choose to keep my brushes on my brush belt so its easier and faster. So here you can see my brush belt rolled up and laying on top of everything. I also have a small and big towel to lay down wherever I set up along with some clips to keep clients hair out of my way.

Here you can see just some of my brushes and a few at the top that are in the "need to be re-cleaned and sanitized" jar.

Under the brush belt I have stacked my palettes, tools, liners, gels and some other random stuff.

When I open the right flap you can see 3 clear pouches that store my disposable wands, primers, skin prep, puffs, manicure set and some creams. These pouches are attached with Velcro so its super easy to pull them off and lay them on the table when I'm working. In the net pouch I have toner, sponges and wipes.

In the left flap I keep my makeup remover, 99% alcohol to sanitize, face cream, static guard, Fix + spray, body spray, business cards and some other random things.

The bottom flap is where most of my stuff is stored. In the flap pocket I have cotton pads, all my nail supplies and polishes, brush cleaner and gum for my clients.

The case comes with 3 drawers however I use 2 so I can fit more stuff in the bottom tray.
The top tray has some pigments, some shadows I haven't depotted yet, my mascara's clear and waterproof, Q-tips, A spare bronzer, Mac Paints and my brow filler.

The bottom drawer holds my foundations, all my lip products (including the ones I melted), lip palettes, bronzers, blushes, translucent powders and concealers.

Here are some of my pouches I keep in the very top. My tools case which includes my eyelash curlers, mixing palettes, lash glue, sharpeners and hand sanitizer.

My eye & lip liner pouch that also holds my tube mascaras.

My gel liners and paint pots.

Some of my palettes which include my Coastal Scents lip,contouring,camouflage and neutral shadow palettes (I don't use my CS palettes too much to be honest but they are there if needed), my school palettes shadow and blush (I use the blush palette a lot) and some of my Mac shadow palettes.

Some of my palettes opened.

And there you have it! Whats inside my makeup case :)

I hope you enjoyed my tour. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your Questions About Beauty Answered

I often get emails, facebook messages or in person questions about beauty and since I'm sure many people have similar questions I thought I would post them on here. This way not only can I share my personal advice but also discuss and hear from all of my readers thoughts on the topic.

Q: I'm not a makeup artist but love using a brush to apply my foundation what kind of foundation brush do you suggest for someone like me?

A: I have tested out a few different foundation bushes during the past year in search of one that not only feels comfortable to use but that actually gets the job done and isn't a pain to clean. The foundation brush I kept going back to believe or not was the one from the Joe Fresh Beauty line.
It costs $12 cdn and is easily available at most Loblaws and Superstores here in Canada. (I believe Joe Fresh is only available in Canada sorry my American friends).
I find the clear short handle not only sleek but super comfy for my small hands, the brush is thick and soft and in my opinion would do a fab job for makeup artist or beauty lovers alike!

You can see here im a fan of most Joe Fresh products and although I haven't tried any other their other brushes the foundation brush is one of my favs :)

Q: Ive been using Mac Foundations for a while now and they just seem so heavy on my face and come off when I touch my face, can you suggest any other foundations that don't feel heavy for me?

A: I'm really not a fan of Mac foundations to be honest. I find they tend to clog pores, sit heavy on your face and come off on the jackets of the men we hug! Also I find they don't photograph as nice as other foundations do. I no longer carry any Mac foundations in my kit or have any for personal use for these vary reasons.

If you have been reading my blog you know I'm a huge fan of Face Atelier's ultra pro foundations. They feel super light on your skin, are buildable and actually stays on your face! They are available online at but if you are looking for something more easily available I would suggest Makeup Forever's Face & Body foundations (available at Sephora) for ladies with pink undertones and Vasanti's Liquid Cover up/foundation (see website for locations) for us ladies with yellow undertones.

I love getting questions from my readers and friends so keep them coming :) Feel free to email me at and Ill do my best to get you the answers you need.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mac Pigments Samples Where I get them...

In early January I was looking online for places I could buy authentic Mac pigment samples as most Mac stores do not give them out anymore and I found buying the full size a waste as it takes maybe 10 years of constant use to finish it!

In my search I came across a site called The Body Needs which sells all kinds of name brand samples such as Mac, Too Faced, Chanel and Urban Decay. I searched their Mac pigments and noticed it was only $1.79 US per 1/4tsp sample. After doing some research and reading some reviews online about this site I decided to place an order.

Items Ordered: Price: Status:

  • 1 of : Golden Lemon
  • $1.79 Shipped

  • 1 of : Pink Bronze
  • $1.79 Shipped

  • 1 of : Teal
  • $1.79 Shipped

  • 1 of : Violet
  • $1.79 Shipped

  • 1 of : White Gold
  • $1.79 Shipped

    Cost Breakdown:
    Product Subtotal: $8.95
    Tax: $0.00
    Shipping & Handling: $5.95
    Grand Total: $14.90

    I was able to pay via Paypal which I loved since I had some funds sitting there waiting to be spent :)

    I placed my order Jan 5th, got and email Jan 9th saying it was shipped and I received my goods Jan 19th which isn't too bad considering it had to cross borders.

    The colors I ordered were Pink Bronze, Violet, Teal, Golden Lemon & White Gold.

    I was a little afraid that 1/4tsp wouldn't get me much product but was pleasantly surprised when I opened the jar to find quite a bit of pigment. Well worth my $1.79 in my opinion as it will probably last a very long time.

    Here are the swatches. Very vibrant colors that I cant wait to use!

    If you like Mac's pigments but don't want to purchase full bottles I suggest you take a look at The Body Needs. The price is unbeatable, the ordering process was smooth and you will be able to try out several pigment shades for the price of one full priced jar!

    What are your favorite pigment or glitter shades??

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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    My Birthday Face Of The Day!

    If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my random posts about my birthday celebrations this weekend. In case you missed it I wanted to show you my birthday look :)

    Here's the breakdown ;)

    • Cargo's blu_ray mattifier
    • Face Atelier's pro foundation in #6
    • Face Atelier's Zero Minus to contour
    • Mac's Mineralized Skin Finish Powder in Medium Dark
    • Mac's bronzer/blush in Other Worldly
    • NYX's Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Black Bean as a base
    • Mac's Eyeshadow in Knight Divine
    • Mac's Eyeshadow in Shroom
    • Annabelle's Liner in Black
    • Covergirl Lashblast Mascara in Very Black
    • Ardell "Demi" Lashes
    • Mac's Lipstick in Angel
    I wanted to be dramatic without being overdone and I really liked how it came out ;)

    When I posted a pic in twitter before I went out I got a lot of comments about my hair asking if I had it done or what I used so I thought I'd mention that I did it myself and although it takes a bit of time its worth it for me because these curls generally last me the whole weekend!

    First I use TRESemmé's Heat Tamer Protective Spray on my damp hair and then flip my head over and blow dry running a big paddle brush over it to create volume. When my hair is about 70% dry I flip my head back and use a big round brush to smooth out the tops. Keep in mind your hair doesn't have to be perfectly straight throughout because you will be curling it however the roots should not have any kinks.

    Once hair is dry I use a 1" (believe it or not) ceramic curling iron by Jilbere de Paris that I got at Sally's Beauty Supply. I section off my hair and start and the bottom section. I take approx 1" thick pieces and wrap them around the iron so they curl away from my face and once released from the iron I spray the section with Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray 4+4 By TRESemme that I also picked up from Sally's. Repeat this all over and then let the next section down and do the same thing. I like to work in small sections and take my time that way things look nicer. Once I get to the top I figure out if I want a middle or side part and curl accordingly away from the face. When its all done you can spray it with some spray shine or just leave it which is what I do and VOILA!!

    I hope this helped with some of the questions and thank you SO much for all the beautiful wishes I had a great weekend :)

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    Friday, January 15, 2010

    More CARGO?... Yes Please!

    So ever since I got a chance to really test out some Cargo products a few weeks ago (read about it here) Ive been itching to try more. Since Cargo is now 50% off at all Sephoras I went in to see what was left.

    When I saw 1 of these blu_ray high definition mattifier's left I grabbed it along with another one of their amazing blushes in "Tonga".

    Cost for the 2? $13.00 each.... regularly $26.00 each! I felt like it was the deal of the century because where can you get a primer/mattifier for $13?

    The blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier is described as a pore refining, line minimizing and mattifying, this product can be used over make-up or underneath as a primer for a camera-ready complexion.

    Anyways I brought it home and immediately started playing around with the mattifier because I had read so many rave reviews online about it. I was really shocked when I opened the tube and squeezed out a skin colored gel. I had never ever seen a mattifier that wasn't clear or white so I thought on no maybe I grabbed the wrong thing... however as I rubbed it into my hand I quickly realized that the color disappeared and was non existent so there was nothing to worry about :)

    after I rubbed it into my hand I noticed the fine lines were filled in and WOW my hand had never felt that soft before! I couldn't wait to try it the next day on my face and when I did it had the same effect. Fine lines and pores were blurred and minimized and my face felt incredibly soft. Right away my face looked matte even without powder and as I checked in on my face throughout the day I noticed it continued to stay matte.

    The Tonga blush is a lighter matte pink then the previously reviewed Mendochino blush. It is perfect for the days when you want a touch of color without looking like you have tons of blush on! I can totally see this being an everyday blush and the fact that its matte makes it stand out in my collection as most of the blushes I own have a touch of shimmer in them.

    Here you can see my completed look with the blu_ray mattifier under my foundation and a touch of the Tonga blush.

    After trying out the blu_ray mattifier I'm so sad that Cargo will no longer be carried in Sephora stores because I'm truly in love with this product! However I'm told Cargo will soon be launching an e-commerce website where you will be able to order all of their fab products.

    If you happen to find any Cargo products at your local Sephora store grab them because once they are gone...they are gone!

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    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    My BLEACHBRIGHT™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening experience

    Last night I went to get my teeth whitened an early birthday present to myself.
    I had a $45 birthday credit at Caryl Baker Visage which is also where I get my eyebrows done and I decided to use it on their new BLEACHBRIGHT™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Service.
    Priced regularly at $99.00 and $85.00 for beauty club members (which I am).

    I was skeptical but since I had the credit I thought id just try it and see what happens.
    I sat in the chair as one of my fav girls there Josie set me up in this contraption. She placed trays in my mouth and then placed me in front of this light machine.

    I sat like that for 20 mins and although I cant say it was super comfy because the saliva was piling up in my mouth and I didn't want to swallow, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. 20 minutes really isn't that long so I just tried not to focus on my mouth too much. I tweeted, sent this pic to the Mr, listen to conversations in the store and looked around and the products on the shelves to pass the time.

    When my 20 mins were up I was asked to spit everything including the mouth piece into a paper towel until I felt all the solution was out of my mouth. This was the worst part cuz you can taste it all and it doesn't taste too good. After I was done with that I was given a finger brush up sleeve and asked to rub it all over my teeth. This helped a lot with the taste.

    And Voila I was done! I was told that there may be calcium spots but that they would go away in a few hours. In total the whitening came to $54 (with my discount) and I went up approx 3 shades in color which is pretty good if you ask me. My top front teeth have always been whiter than the rest due to braces but this really whitened the bottom and side teeth that were way more yellow then Id care to admit.

    I ended up buying the after care stick because really whats the point if you aren't going to maintain it right? It was approx $30 (reg $39) cuz again I was able to use my 20% member birthday discount.

    Here is the before and after shot... not the greatest its more of a contrast in person but you get the idea.

    I'm totally satisfied with how it turned out on me. There was zero sensitivity in my gums and although the tip of my tongue felt a bit numb for 20 mins after it went away and I've had no side effects since. This morning after brushing I used the touch up stick which I think I will use every morning or every other morning as it only takes 5 minutes. I feel more confident with my smile now and I cant wait to show off that smile on my brithday this weekend!

    If you are looking for an affordable way to get your teeth 2-4 shades whiter I would definitely look into BLEACHBRIGHT™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Service at a Caryl Baker Visage near you!

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