Thursday, July 29, 2010

When it comes to beauty where do you indulge?

I often have a hard time indulging in any beauty product over $20... I just don't always believe more expensive= better product...

There are a few things however that in my opinion are worth it for me. Items such as makeup brushes. Not only are good quality brushes tres important in my career as a makeup artist but they really do make a world of difference. Some of my fav's are Mac Cosmetics 217 blending brush ($27.00) and 239 eye shading brush ($29.50) both which I have multiples of.

That being said I'm not opposed to less expensive brushes, in fact I have several brushes in my collection that I use on almost every client such as this Black Taklon Angle Liner that I get from for $1.85.

Another place where I choose to splurge a little is eye cream. I discovered Vasanti Cosmetics Eye Wonder eye cream and have never looked back. Its a miracle in a jar! At $42.00 it isn't cheap however I justify it because not only does it work but the jar is a lot bigger than most eye creams and it lasts a long time.

Perfumes another area where you cant help but splurge. Most name brand perfumes cost anywhere from $50-$120 and so while I do tend to purchase my favs once or twice a year I have found ways around this. I have found some awesome scents at The Body Shop such as Neroli Jasmin and a classic fav of mine White Musk EDT, they retail for anywhere from $17.00 - $28.00 depending on the size and fragrance you choose. These scents smell amazing, last a long time and won't break the bank!

These are just some of the areas I choose to spend a bit more on beauty.
Where do you indulge when it comes to beauty products?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Question of the day: Why should I use a setting powder?

I was recently asked by a client what the point of a setting powder was and why she should use one so I thought I would give my opinion on the topic here.

First of all let me start by saying there are 2 popular forms of setting powders. Loose and pressed.

You can buy translucent powder or powder with color depending on what you are looking for.

They are generally used to set makeup, help with prolonged wear, decrease oil and shine, provide a matte finish and in some cases provide a smooth finish to skin which helps to slightly conceal fine lines.

I like to apply it right after foundation but there are no rules with makeup, I also know people that apply it at the very end of their makeup application.
I tend to use the loose setting powder at home with a big fluffy brush and the pressed setting powder with a sponge for on the go and travel as its less messy.

Setting powders aren't a must for everyday wear but for some girls like me its a step I add in daily to help set my foundation and keep me shine free..... that being said I really have to get better at remembering to take my pressed setting powder with me when I change purses especially during the summer months!

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions on setting powders ;)

What do you use your setting powder for most?
Which do you prefer? loose or pressed?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WIN your very own Epilady ladies!

Do you guys remember my post on called How to go from Frizz to Silky Smooth with the Ping Ceramic Flat Iron? Well I was a fan of the site then and I'm an even bigger fan now because they have let me know they are giving away 1 Epilady Legend per 10 entries they get in order to celebrate a hair free summer!

I entered because lets face it ladies any hair removal tool that allows me to be hair free for up to 4 weeks during the summer is HUGE!

Don't know what an Epilady is? Click here for the description and features.

If you would like to win this amazing hair removal tool enter here.. you may be the lucky winner!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring Chick Advisors Ali De Bold!

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".
This week Ill be featuring the founder of one of Canada's hottest site Ali De Bold.

Ali is not only the founder but the producer and host of, a site where members can list their blogs, get access to deals, articles, and free products through their Product Review Club.

I have had the pleasure of chatting with Ali and have grown to admire her determination and drive. She is one successful woman who's vision has now become a reality.

I recently chatted with Ali about her site, career, life and of course beauty. Here's what she had to say.


So who is Ali De Bold and why is she so fabulous?
I'm the founder of, Canada's first social shopping site for women. I don't know if I'm so fabulous but I certainly have a charmed career. I'm very fortunate that I get to do a job I love and get pampered daily with the latest products and services for women. I have my dream job and I know I'm very fortunate.

Where can we find you on the world wide web?

What beauty product would you recommend and why?
There are so many. Honestly this is a really hard question for me because I'm testing products on a daily basis. Right now a few of my daily favourites are:

Maybelline New York The Falsies Mascara - it's inexpensive yet very dramatic

YSL Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick - my fave colour is Blood Orange

And I can't get enough of Lise Watier Feline HD Eyeliner - All you need is one line of this and one swipe of mascara

Have you ever lost or broken a beauty item you wish you still had today?
You know what, I'm fickle when it comes to beauty products. I'm always trying the latest stuff so I get over losing or breaking products quite easily.

How did come about?
I was planning my wedding out of town in 2004 and researching for where I should get my hair and makeup done. Not only were there no online reviews, most places didn't even have a proper website. I found it frustrating that there wasn't any place I could get genuine recommendations. Also, I'm a big product junkie and spent a lot of money every month trying new things. I was always disappointed if I shelled out for something that didn't work for me. My fiance (now husband) suggested we build a service were women could review things and share advice. So we built a business plan, mapped out how the site should look, feel and work, then hired some developers and a designer and sat around our living room table for months to get it off the ground. We launched September 2006.

Favorite look for Summer 2010?
A long flowing maxi dress, hair in a messy bun, big dark sunglasses, stacked big bracelets and an iced beverage in hand.

The thing I love the most about my career is...?
I get spoiled with the events I go to and the products I get. It's pretty awesome. I haven't had to buy anything at the drugstore in a really long time, but I get the most excited when I get to meet our members. I know I sound corny saying this, but I am always humbled and honoured when I meet the awesome women who are part of our community. I always think, "wow, you like us?" It's the hugest compliment for me.

Are there any makeup or beauty faux pas you really really cant stand?
I think everyone should experiment with colour and have fun. Anything goes really. But I don't like the look of overly thick or caked foundation.

Are you guilty of any yourself?
I can be very lazy with my appearance. Inevitably I will bump into someone on those days. Like the time I went to the Chanel counter at the Bay and the girl helping me turned out to be a ChickAdvisor member. She was so excited to meet me but I was embarrassed because my hair was all frizzy from the rain and I was sporting an unconcealed zit on my chin and hardly any makeup. I felt quite disheveled.
Was there a product you bought due to word of mouth hype that you just weren't please with once you tried?
I was really excited about Bare Escentuals Foundation, but after wearing it for a bit it I realized it emphasized the oil on my face like no other. I felt like people could see their reflection in my forehead.

Who are your beauty mentors?
I don't really have any. But I get Mandy (one of my staff) do my makeup for events sometimes. She's an amazing natural talent.

What can people expect from Ali De Bold and in the future?
There are so many things I want to do personally. I'm a big believer of giving back and helping others. I have some ideas that I'd like to work on in the future.

#1 on my list for the business is to continue to give big publishers a run for their money and grow really strong in Canada. There aren't many large Canadian publishers that aren't owned by a monolith. It's nice to be independent and unique. I like not having to worry about 'The Man'.

Any last words or advice?
If you have a great idea don't let anyone discourage you. I knew our business would work because I spent a lot of time talking to women about it who represented our end users. However there were plenty of people who said we couldn't do it or that it was a dumb idea. We had some would-be investors laugh in our faces about it before we launched, but I knew we had the skills and determination to do it.

Thank you Ali for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. Be sure to check out Ali's site, become a member for all the latest beauty news and giveaways.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Secret To Smooth Skin is Papaya!

Ever since I was little my mom has kept papaya in the house. She has it for breakfast most mornings and undoubtedly in my eyes has the most gorgeous skin. I'm not sure how much of a role consuming papaya has on how smooth your skin is but when I read an article recently on papaya masks it made me wonder.

Papaya is an exotic summer fruit that contains enzymes called papain, which help soften and revitalize the skin. Its a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin which in turn makes wrinkles less noticeable.

Try this homemade Papaya Smoothing Mask.
What you will need
- 1 ripe papaya
- Peel and remove seeds from papaya
- Chop into small pieces
- Place papaya in blender and puree until smooth
- Apply puree to clean face
- Relax for approx 15 mins then rinse off with warm water
- moisturize as normal
Keeps for
2 days if stored in fridge.
(recipe courtesy of Woman's World Magazine)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring Hip Urban Girl and DJ Lisa Ng

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring editor, DJ, voice over talent and probably one of the most bubbly girls I know Lisa Ng!

I first met Lisa at a Toronto Beauty Bloggers meetup and was drawn to her immediately. She was friendly and warm right away and I remember thinking her smile was infectious. Since then Lisa and I have kept in touch and Ive become a loyal reader and fan of her site The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide.

She's tiny but she packs a lot of punch. From networking queen to one talented DJ with Lisa's talents and personality I don't see anything getting in her path!

Lisa chatted with me about how she got started as a DJ, her work as the voice of a cartoon character and of course her favorite beauty items.

So Lisa tell us a little about who are you & why are you so fabulous?
Haha, thanks for the compliment off the top! I am the Editor and Co-Founder along with Wendy Kammarcy of an online lifestyle brand called, The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide.
Our website blogs on urban eats, hip getaways, life advice and events to make things easy for the busy girl in the city. Our goal is to bring you the best things we find to help you live well. We host a unique networking event for our Hip & Urban Girls (HUGs) and sometimes Guys, once a month to give our readers a chance to connect offline. Our attitude is fun, positive and outgoing with no room for negativity -- we choose to profile people and places that share this same energy. We like to tell it like it is, without being uppity. The HUG style is casual, fun and ambitious all at the same time.

When I'm not blogging, I am DJ-ing. I run a small boutique DJ business specializing in weddings called hello DJ!

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide @
Twitter @hipurbangirl
How did get started?
It was a collaborative effort with my friend Wendy who I met while I was the Meetup Organizer for Toronto Work at Home Women. We were both freelancers with our personal blogs that we decided to combine together to make a 'super blog'. We are both foodies, we love living in the city and keeping both our professional and social schedules busy. The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide shares this information with our readers via the blog. Our events provide the unique experience and networking event with help from our sponsors. There is definitely not a lack of young, ambitious women in Toronto. We are all about helping each other get ahead in life without the 'mean girl' attitude.

What beauty products would you recommend to other women and why?
I am a big fan of mineral foundation. I don't like to look like I caked it on and mineral powder is so sheer and light. Your skin doesn't feel oily. My favourite brand is Clinique, because you give it two clicks to bring the powder up from the container. It's way less messy this way! Biotherm moisturizer is something I swear by. You don't need to use a lot to get good coverage on moisture on your skin. I tried cheap moisturizers from the drugstore and apparently there is some alcohol by-products in there that can actually dehydrate your skin. So I've learned that it's worth it to splurge a little bit more and use the Biotherm stuff that I love.

Your favorite beauty treatment is?
A facial. Your skin feels so new and fresh. It's like going to the dentist for your face. I had an amazing one at Langdon Hall Spa in Cambridge with all these amazing masks. The extractions are always painful, but I know it's worth it.

You're not only the founder of HUG but you're also a DJ and the founder of! when did you start DJ'n and how did you get into it?
I started DJ-ing in 2005 while I was finishing up my undergrad at The University of Toronto in Poli Sci & Cinema Studies. It really just snowballed into a full-time career and company after I graduated because of my niche as a female DJ in the male-dominated wedding market. This definitely keeps me busy when I am not blogging. I manage around 50 events a year and work a lot on the weekends, so life and work are really all about balance. I actually had a banquet manager say to me last month, that in the 10 years he has been working - I am the FIRST female DJ he has ever seen. Can you believe that???

What is your 1 go to beauty product right now?
My Clarins Brow Kit. I have very sparse Asian eyebrows. So it's easy to look either overdone or eyebrow-less! The brow kit comes with three different shades: black, brown and blonde that you can blend together. The wax applies on after to hold the colour and there are mini tweezers and an applicator all in one compact. It's a great product!

My beauty pet peeve is ____________?
Washing my face late at night. I usually just give up, use a face wipe and deal with the next day. The lavender scented ones by Neutrogena are great and get you ready to sleep after a long night out.

Favorite career highlight & why?

Voicing an 8 year-old cartoon character on the TV Show, 'Wayside'. Her voice is just like mine, only two octaves higher. You can still catch it on Teletoon! I play Dana, with the purple hair and glasses. I still do voice-over work here and there every once in awhile. It's a fun job, you get to be creative and I am very lucky that I get to do it. Going to work and being silly is a definite highlight!

What can people expect from Lisa Ng in the future?

More events hosted by The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide, fun blog posts and more pictures of food :)

A big thank you goes out to Lisa Ng for chatting with me. Be sure to check out her sites The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide and hello DJ! for more on food, travel & music ;)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look Fresh with A Homemade Watermelon Toner!

Watermelon is always refreshing on those hot summer days right? Did you know this colorful fruit also makes a refreshing toner?

Watermelon is packed with antioxidants and amino acids that can help clear your pores and control oil.

Here's a great reason to save some of that yummy watermelon next time you cut one open.

Homemade Watermelon Toner:
What you'll need
2 tbs of fresh watermelon juice
2 tbs of witch hazel
2 tbs of water
- Push the pulp from a slice of watermelon through a strainer to extract the juice
- Mix all ingredients into a small bottle with a lid and store in the fridge
- Apply to a cotton ball and sweep over oily areas on clean skin.
Keeps for: 4-5 days if stored in fridge
(recipe courtesy of Woman's World Magazine)

Enjoy this homemade toner that not only smells great but keeps your skin cool all summer long!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Makeup Bag That Keeps Everything In Its Place!

Ill be honest and say that every makeup bag Ive ever bought has been to give away as a gift and the only makeup bags I own were given to me as gifts. I'm the type of girl that will put her makeup in Ziplocs when traveling if I have to...*gasp* I know horrible for a MUA to admit right?

I could never find one that satisfied all my needs and fit my brushes well enough so they didn't come out misshapen when I went to use them. I am happy to say I have found one that has come pretty damn close to my ideal makeup bag!

Introducing the Dickies Pencil Pouches! Available in some funky colors and patterns.
I happen to choose the multi-color square pixel case on the far left.

When the case arrived I noticed it was bigger than I had imagined, measuring 8" long by approx 3.5" wide this case holds a lot of makeup!

There are 2 compartments which I love! The bottom one holds my brushes perfectly without squishing them which is important and the top holds more than enough for a weekend trip but with plenty of room to add extras for a longer stay away.

What I liked:
  • The size - it fits my brushes perfectly and has a big pouch up top.
  • The LIFETIME warranty!!! No need to worry if a zipper goes wonky!
  • The 2 compartments
  • The funky designs
What I Disliked:
  • The size.. while I like it for travel its much to big to use as an everyday bag in my purse
  • The color selection. While I like the funky colors I almost wish they had more "grown up" color & design choices
  • That it was SO difficult to find information on these Dickies cases online, although their twitter and Facebook are quite active.
I will be bringing this makeup bag with me on my trip to the west coast this week no doubt about that! These babies can also double as a pencil case for those in school and are available for a cool $4.99 at a Zellers near you :)

* These products were sent by Dickies Backpacks for consideration however all reviews are based on my honest opinions.
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring Beauty Geek Janine Falcon

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring former magazine beauty editor, current beauty geek, self proclaimed wordy girl Janine Falcon.

Who is Janine Falcon? Shes a beauty editor with an established beauty blog Hey blog was given the P&G Beauty Award for Best Beauty or Fashion Blog and with over 10 years in the industry Janine's blog has become a go to place for those looking for the latest and greatest in the world of beauty.

I have admired Janine well before I even started blogging and having been a long time reader of her blog I knew I had to share her and her site with you all :) We chatted and here's what this "beauty geek" had to say.

So who is Janine Falcon and why are you fabulous?
I don't know about the fabulous, but I do know I was a beauty editor at Canadian Living and Homemakers magazines, am now a freelance beauty writer for pubs such Best Health, Canadian Living, FASHION, GLOW and Metro News, and babble beauty stuff on a site called BeautyGeeks. Mostly I AM a beauty geek, keen on stuff that solves beauty dilemmas and helps women feel good about themselves.

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
I lurk at and have lots of beauty stories on,,, &

What beauty product would you recommend to and why?
What I recommend often depends on what the person I'm speaking with needs. Beauty is so personal -- there is no one best product that works for everyone. What's best is what works best for you, you know? That said, a good general reco is a creamy concealer in a shade that matches your overall skintone. Many women need a bit of concealer tapped into the following areas: inner corners of upper lids; alongside the bridge of the nose if there's darkness there; over under-eye circles; over redness around the base of the nose; and sometimes under the lower lip. Once that's taken care of, eyes and skin look brighter, and the rest of the makeup can be as simple as mascara, blush and lip colour for a fresh look.

My favorite beauty treatment is?
At the moment my body is begging for a massage -- I better call my RMT. Facials are great, too, and OMG, Kerastase or Shu Uemura salon treatments are UH-mazing because they include killer scalp massages... *swoon*. Wait, did you want just ONE fave beauty treatment?? Whoops.

Have you ever lost or broken a beauty item you wish you still had today?
I can't think of one at the moment. The beauty of this industry is that something new, gorgeous and wow-it-really-works comes out every 2.5 nanoseconds, so mourning the loss of a favourite doesn't last long.

How did come about?

I'd started to think blogging might be fun when I was having fun writing silly status updates on Facebook. When I hit the freelance-writing circuit, starting BeautyGeeks was a natural next step so I could write entirely in my own voice and geek out about stuff I love and think others might enjoy.

Favorite look for Summer 2010?

Now that I've trained myself via my odd Lipstick Diary posts to love bright lip colour, I'm all over it. And wow, it's a very braidy season, isn't it? Thank you Alexander Wang!

The thing I love the most about my career is...?

It's all about helping women see, appreciate and nurture their own unique beauty. Plus it's FUN!

Are there any makeup or beauty faux pas you really really can't stand?
Brows that do nothing for a face -- whoo boy, that upsets me. Too thin makes a girl look older and severe, too thick overpowers pretty eyes. Hooked brows, sperm brows, McDonald arches... owwwwww. Well-shaped brows can be a game-changer, seriously. After that, concealer and curling one's lashes rank as top beauty-boosting moves.

Are you guilty of any yourself?

Oh you HAD to ask. Sheesh. Listen, I did it just ONCE, and dang-it, I'm STILL paying for it! I overtweezed in my early 20s, and discovered that's the one place on my body where hair won't re-grow. Now I have to fill the suckers in with brow powder and a taklon angled brush.

What has been your most memorable career highlight?

I've had several. My years at Canadian Living and Homemakers magazines were amazing. An expert-advice appearance to talk Gillette on "Canadian Idol" was incredible. "Steven and Chris" segments -- so much fun. Every time someone digs a product recommendation is also The Best. And I've met so many wonderful people.... I think my career might be one honking big highlight, come to think of it.

Was there a product you bought due to word of mouth hype that you just weren't please with once you tried?

I don't really slag stuff. Usually if I don't like something it's because it just isn't right for me or for my beauty approach. There are things I think are pointless, but I don't waste space talking about them.

Who are your beauty mentors?

I love makeup artists -- I think they're kind of magic. My favourites know how to make women feel beautiful without a lot of makeup. I also love clever beauty writers; they inspire me. Lots of my friends are beauty mentors.

What can people expect from Janine Falcon and in the future?
More beautygeeking out, and who knows? My universe is delightfully fluid. *grin*

Thanks to miss Janine Falcon for chatting with me and for inspiring me to keep blogging ;)

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing MAC Cosmetics alice + olivia Collection

Introducing M·A·C alice + olivia
If Alice fell down the rabbit hole and met a Makeup Artist instead of the Mad Hatter, M·A·C alice + olivia is the curiously gorgeous collection she’d be rocking! Hip, playful, unpretentious and unabashedly fun, M·A·C is thrilled to announce the latest collaboration with the most adorably fabulous fashionista we know, designer Stacey Bendet of cult-fave line, alice + olivia. Celebrities, socials and all-around cool girls from coast to coast are obsessed with a + o’s uptown-meets-downtown aesthetic and colourful, playful vibe, so the inspiration for the makeup collection was a cinch!
The collection includes: Three mouth-wateringly delicious new shades of Dazzleglass Creme, three absolutely shimmering, colour-saturated Pigments, and Nail Lacquer in three “it” shades were made to totally compliment any party frock.
This collection is much anticipated and I personally cannot wait to try out the rest of the collection when it hits store. For now though I have a some swatches of the So Rich So Pretty nail lacquer which is an amazing purple shade with a hint of pearl and the If It Sparkles pigment which is a nice bright white with hints of pink in it.
So Rich So Pretty swatched. Check out the amazing blue flecks!

What I liked about the Nail Lacquer:
  • Highly pigmented
  • Dried super fast
  • Amazing shade of purple
  • Loved the hint of pear l in it
What I disliked about the Nail Lacquer:
  • Nothing! Other than my lack of application skill which has nothing to do with the lacquer at all :)
If It Sparkles… S watched (its very hard to see the pink in it but its actually really beautiful in person)

What I liked about the pigment:
  • As always Mac pigment sizes are very generous and a little goes a long way
  • The hint of pink in it made the white softer looking
Wh at I disliked about the pigment:
  • It can sometimes be a bit messy once opened

Dazzleglass Creme ($18.00 U.S. / $21.50 CDN)

  • Sparklicious Creamy pale pinky white with soft multi-dimensional pearl (Limited Edition)
  • If it’s Pink… Hot pink with soft multi-dimensional pearl (Limited Edition)
  • I.Want.Candy. Hot yellow with soft multi-dimensional pearl (Limited Edition)

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Later. Black with transforming purple pearl (Limited Edition)
  • If It Sparkles… White with transforming pink pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Partylicious Turquoise with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S. / $14.50 CDN)

  • Morning.After. Creamy turquoise (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • So Rich So Pretty Bright purple with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Military Black matte with silver suede pearl (Matte with Pearl) (Limited Edition)
Available for a limited time only July 8, 2010 through August 2010.

* These products were sent by Mac Cosmetics for consideration however all reviews are based on my honest opinions.
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Listen To Lena is having a Tokidoki & Sephora Giveaway!

My friend and fellow blogger Lena from Listen to Lena is having an amazing giveaway I just had to share!

One (1) lucky winner will receive a $150 Sephora Gift Card to load up with tokidoki goodies! Two (2) runners up will receive a tokidoki gift set, including two (2) tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadows and a tokidoki Brilliant Glitter Eyeliner (value $58.00)!

How can you pass this up?? Enter today for your chance to win!!

Listen To Lena Giveaway

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring The Hills Reality star Jen Bunney!

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring reality star, published author and intelligent beauty Jennifer Bunney!

If Jen Bunney's name doesnt ring a bell for your, your obviously not a fan of "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills"! Jen was occasionally seen on "Laguna Beach" before moving to Los Angeles and making a few appearances on "The Hills." in season 2! While she may be remembered for the controversy she stirred up between Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag back in Season 2, there is more to Jen Bunney than her character on reality TV.

She's been very low key since her time in The Hills but with rumors swirling about a possible new reality show with her BFF Heidi Montage after her split with husband Spencer, her name is once again buzzing in the media.

I recently got the chance to chat with Ms.Bunney and was surprised that she was SO down to earth and incredibly sweet. I really got the impression she wanted people to know the REAL Jen Bunney and to let others know there was more to her than the character that appeared on tv.

Jennifer Bunney talks openly with me about beauty, plastic surgery, where shes been since appearing on tv and her future plans.


So Miss Bunney tell us a little about who are you & why are you so fabulous?

I am pretty much your average girl, I don’t consider myself special or better than anyone else for having been on TV, but I am excited that people seem interested in wanting to see my life. I love sharing things and important issues with other people and fans especially if it can help them in anyway.

Where can we find you on the world wide web?, I’m really getting into the whole thing for the first time, I just love reaching out to people, its amazing how many people on there really want your advice and to hear your personal stories, and I’m humbled by it.

What beauty products would you recommend to other women and why?

This is one of my favorite topics! I am really into finding the best makeup brands and experimenting, I think I have tried every product out there! Really! One thing I can’t live without is my Laura Mercier ILLUMINATING tinted moisturizer, I mix it in with my foundation, Bobbi Brown, and it gives me that dewy glow that always makes me look rested, and healthy, even when my skin is dull and tired. If its too dewy I dust mineralized MAC pressed powder over it till I achieve my desired level of “glow” . I guess this is my biggest makeup trick. Also, when I’m done and especially if I haven’t been in the sun lately, I use Dior’s airbrush spray lightly all over my face, it finishes my makeup and gives that just back from a tropical vacation look!

Your favorite beauty treatment is?

Indulging in hair products, I learned that shampoo and conditioner don’t matter! Drug store brands work just fine as long as your hair is not seriously damaged. No need to break the bank for great hair. The thing that matters is what you put in your hair after you wash it! Leave-In conditioners, its all about leave-in conditioners. Think about it, shampoos only stay on your hair for a few minutes, leave-in treatments work on your hair all day till you wash it next! My favorite leave in treatment right now is K-Pak color therapy restorative oil. A dime sized drop does wonders for my ends, which get fried from curling and straightening.

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

I had rhinoplasty. It was a decision I made because my nose was something I really didn’t love about myself, and I knew that it wouldn’t change me from the inside, it would only make me happier outside. But, I did it for the right reasons, I didn’t do it to get more attention, or have somebody love me more. I did it for me. And I’m very happy with my decision. As far as other people go its not my place to judge anyone, for anything, plastic surgery is an individual choice for sure, and you really have to be that person to know if it’s the decision.

You have been both a brunette and a blonde so tell us which has more fun?!

Well if I have to be honest I can say that people treat me slightly differently depending on my hair color! Its crazy. I get taken more seriously as a brunette, but definitely get more attention from the opposite sex as a blonde. I’de say they are both fun and it depends on the “look” your going for, if you want to be mysterious and sultry, go brunette, if you want to have that fun-loving carefree vibe, go blonde!

We haven't seen you on reality tv in a few years what have you been up to?

I have been up to so much, I graduated USC with a degree in neuroscience, I am also now a published first author of a scientific research paper I had been working on during college, and I applied to medical school and business school. I was fortunate enough to get into both and now I have to decide if I want to be a doctor or get my MBA and do business! True beauty is about getting an education...not about the best outfits!!! >J Cameras will get to follow me through my decisions, and I hope that this can help people who are going through similar life problems.

There are rumors you're getting back into the reality tv game with another certain blonde, what prompted this return and what can viewers expect?

That’s a little underwraps right now, but viewers can expect to see the REAL me, not just the superficial image that is often portrayed on reality television shows. If I can help just one person by being real and allowing people to relate to my life issues then it will all have been worth it. I want to show people an unedited look of who I am and where I’m going. I have the regular issues such as boyfriend problems, friendship issues, and self-confidence struggles, but I also have serious decisions to make in the real world, like whether or not to get my M.D and be an official doctor for the rest of my life treating sick patients, among other more serious issues as well, to me that’s unique, not superficial, and I think if people, ESPECIALLY young women, can see that women can get an education, and become intelligent and have amazing REAL careers, like being a physician, it might, create a new kind of role model that I think the world which is so swept up in celebrities, fame, glitz and glamour really needs.

Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

I don’t have ONE favorite designer,I love to mix and match, and one thing I’ve learned is you don’t need money to dress amazingly. I shop at cheap stores as much as I do expensive ones, you can find anything any where. I love to mix a pair of expensive jeans, with $15.00 shoes, and a tee-shirt, faux-leather jacket, and then spend extra time on makeup and hair. You only need one nice item to an outfit for it to be fabulous, if even that. I’ve found amazing outfits just at Forever 21, its all about how savvy a shopper you are!

Favorite career highlight & why?

I would have to say academically, getting into my top choice medical school, University of Texas, a few days ago, its been my dream, I focused on it, I worked hard, I sacrificed and I achieved, it was such a miracle to have my hard work pay off. Entertainment wise, it would have to be filming Laguna Beach, when I was only 17, everything was so new then and innocent, friendships were so real, and since we stayed in and filmed in our little town, Laguna Beach, nothing was tainted by Hollywood, it was pure. I loved it! The experience was something I will continue to remember fondly.
I'm often seen without: A) mascara or B) Lipgloss C) neither Both are a must!!

I can been seen without a lot of things but mascara is definitely not one of them. It’s the one makeup must! It brightens up all your features, and most importantly your eyes, which in my opinion is the foundation to looking fabulous. I love the makeup brand Fresh for my mascara, it does a great job but comes off easily at the end of day, which is important if you don’t want to pull out your lashes when taking off your makeup!! Losing an eyelash always makes me a little sad haha

What can people expect from Jennifer Bunney in the future?

Hopefully a lot, I don’t care about being a celebrity, at all, which is hard for people to grasp because its such a desired status in today’s society. I’m doing TV again to show people that being famous is not success. I’m going to show my real, down to earth life, with my everyday issues, not how rich I am (I’m not), or how much better I am than someone else because I have more paparazzi following me. I really hope people can expect me to ALWAYS remain humble, ALWAYS have time for everyone, never take anything for granted and most importantly give away as much as I get. Those are things in life that are really important to me and my fans can definitely and always expect that from me.


And there you have it, the REAL Jennifer Bunney!!

Having chatted with her first hand I can honestly say she was nothing but warm, sweet and friendly. No attitude, no snobbish behavior, no drama! I had a great time interacting with her and am so glad I found out there was more to her than what I saw on TV :)

BIG thank you JBun for taking the time to answer all my questions.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Beauty Blog Sale Includes MAC, MUFE,OCC and more

Well Ive been collecting items in hopes I would use them but its time to let go!

SO Im having a Beauty Sale! Items include Mac Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Milani, OCC Lip Tars and more..

First come first serve so check it out and email me if you are interested in any of the items.

Details Click here or go tot he BEAUTY SALE link on the top

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