Wednesday, June 30, 2010

M·A·C In The Groove Collection in stores July 8th

Every once in a while don’t you just want to let go, feel the flow, and get In The Groove!

This brand new collection boasts Nine NEW Mineralize Eye Shadows, six Cremesheen Lipsticks, six Cremesheen Glass, four Mineralize Skinfinish Powders, and five NEW Mineralize Blush Duos. The shadows are matte, sans glitter and in a trio format. Creamy lips play perfectly off Mineralize satin-smooth eyes.

The collection includes:

Lipstick (Cremesheen)
Call My Bluff Mid-tone creamy coffee
Jazzed Bright coral pink

Crème d’Nude Pale muted peach beige
I Like It Like That Deep blue pink
All Styled Up Bright yellow pink
Go For It Mid-tone blue purple
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Cremesheen Glass
On the Scene Light coral beige
You’ve Got It Dirty silver grey
Going Casual Sheer lilac
Fashion Whim Light beige
Right Image Mid-tone blue pink
Chillin’ Light white blue
Suggested Retail Price $18.00 U.S./$21.50 CDN

Mineralize Eye Shadow (Trio)
Love to Love Satin beige/Pearly bronze/Satin brown

In the Groove Satin green/Pearly burgundy/
Satin coral
Making It Easy Satin red brown/Pearly beige rose/

Satin dark beige
Togetherness Satin Lavender/Pearly purple/

Satin grey
Style Influencer Satin silver/Pearly deep blue/

Satin mauve brown
Soften the Mood Satin light brown/Pearly rose/

Satin light blue
Fresh & Easy Satin pink/Pearly burgundy/Satin grey
Calm, Cool & Collected Satin deep green/

Pearly green/Satin beige
Blue My Mind Satin light blue/Pearly deep teal/

Satin black
Suggested Retail Price $19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
Stubborn Brown Deep rich brown
Permaplum Deeply plum with pink shimmer

Navy Stain Royal blue with shimmer
Suggested Retail Price $14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Zoom Lash
Zoomblack Rich black
Suggested Retail Price $13.00 U.S./$15.50 CDN

Mineralize Blush (Duo)
Happy Together Satin caramel/Pearly beige
A Little Bit of Sunshine Satin light brown/

Pearly beige
Hang Loose Satin bright pink/Pearly lavender
Band of Roses Satin blue pink/Pearly light plum
New Vibe Satin deep rose/Pearly bronze
Suggested Retail Price $23.00 U.S./$27.50 CDN

Mineralize Skinfinish
By Candlelight Golden Pink

Stereo Rose Coral with golden bronze
shimmering nuances
Comfort Golden bronze
Petticoat Pale rose with gold and amber veining
Suggested Retail Price $28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN

187 Duo Fibre Face A large, full circular brush
used for lightweight application and blending
of face powder or pigments.
Suggested Retail Price $42.00 U.S./$50.50 CDN

M·A·C In The Groove Available in stores starting July 8, 2010 through August 2010

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ever wonder how your makeup is made?

Have you ever actually thought about where your makeup came from? Or how it was made?
Well it all starts somewhere!

I recently got an insider look when I was lucky enough to get a top secret tour of one of the huge facilities where many of your name brand makeup is made. Brands such as Milani, Mac, Smashbox, Maybelline, Flirt and many more are mixed, baked, tested and packaged at plants like this.

I arrived mid afternoon for a meeting with one of the managers there, she greeted me with a warm smile and as I walked into her office I noticed her walls covered in empty makeup pans (like the one below) to the left and shades upon shades of shadows, blushes and powders to the left. Every size and color your can imagine, behind her desk bins and bins of sample products. As you can imagine I was in heaven and don't think I stopped smiling the whole time I was there.

She talked about the step by step process that goes into producing some of our favorites even before they can hit the shelves. From the sales pitch to the lab testing to the mixing of ingredients its no simple process Ill tell you that!

After we chatted she offered to take me down to the plant for a tour. As you can imagine cameras were not allowed in order to protect the brands being made there and the companies secrets. She passed me a lab coat and a hair net and I was told to take off every single piece of jewelry I had on, although I felt silly I was happy to see they had such strict codes in place.

First stop, the lab. As the door swung open I saw the smiling faces of the lab technicians as they mixed and tested the products. I saw lipstick in its liquid form, sparkle being added creating a beautiful color and I noticed a hand blender being used to mix a sample of foundation which I thought was funny yet very practical!

(images provided by company)

Next stop, the plant. We arrived in the middle of shift change but was able to see a certain liquid shadow being poured into the compact and pressed to make it into a solid form. We then walked by a bakers rack full of trays with baked shadows and blushes on them, either waiting to be baked again or waiting to be packaged.

(images provided by company)

She also shared with me something I didn't know, that about 95% of the makeup industries "pencils" you see out there are made in Germany... why? Well apparently they have the special machines for it... that and the fact that they have been doing it for so many years that they now dominate the pencil market.

The experience really made me think about where my makeup comes from and how much goes into making it work for us, the consumers. The amount of testing and trials, hand packaging and raw ingredients really opened my eyes.

I was lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look into this secret world and now I'm able to share my experience with you all. I would like to thank that one special manager for meeting with me and for sharing all the behind the scenes info that goes into making some of the products that help me with my career :)

So have you ever wondered about where your makeup comes from? Where it starts and what exactly goes into it?

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go BOY! Featuring Makeup Artist and Buissness Owner Suresh Seneviratne

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring my first You go Boy! feature makeup artist and owner of Suresh Beauty, Suresh Seneviratne!

has worked as a makeup artist for companies such as Smashbox, Chanel, Richard Tyler, Oscar De La Renta, Nordstrom, and over the years has built up an impressive client list of singers, models and actresses. Hes also created his own lip gloss line called glossLUXE ($21) which consists of 10 beautiful shades all named after special women in his life.

His charming smile and friendly nature is what drew me to Suresh but when I saw his work I knew I had to introduce him to you all. I chatted with Suresh recently and here's his take on beauty,life and his career.


Who is Suresh and why are you so fabulous?
I'm a professional makeup artist and fun-loving guy who never takes life too seriously. I love to draw, paint, sketch, and am obsessed with color. I'm fabulous because I give my undivided attention to the people in my life. Beauty is an interesting concept to me and I try to show all my clients that "beauty" starts from the inside. I think that's pretty fabulous, don't you?

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
My company website:

What beauty product(s) would you recommend all ladies have in their makeup bag?
A concealer, pressed powder, all-in-one rouge pot, and lip gloss.

What are some of your 'go to' beauty product when doing bridal makeup?
Smashbox photo finish primer, Ardell individual flare lashes, Chanel matte neutral eye shadows, and CoverGirl lip stain.

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?
The Estee Lauder counter at my local department store. It opened up my eyes to the world of cosmetics and I fell in love with everything about it.

How long have you been in the industry?
Since 1999.

Who would you say have been some of your favorite celeb or high profile clients?
I love working with supermodels...some of my favorites have been Carmen Kass, Lily Donaldson, Crystal Renn.

Do you have any "rules" about makeup/beauty that you feel everyone should live by?
Your skin should be perfected, always. No blemishes, red spots, or dark circles. Color will not look as beautiful as it could if your skin is a distraction.

Are there any makeup or beauty faux pas you can't stand?
People who think MAC is the only answer to makeup. Every line has something great to offer so experiment with products and different looks.

Are there any beauty trends that you love right now?
I don't really follow many trends, but I love that bright lip color is making a comeback. I got so tired of the "nude" lip.

What prompted the Suresh Beauty Lipgloss collection and will there be other beauty products added to the line down the road?
I wanted to create the perfect lip gloss...smooth, light, comfortable, and beneficial. So many products I had were sticky and just gross. Mine has beneficial vitamins and minerals, is super smooth without being gummy, and protects your lips with an SPF. The Suresh Beauty Color Collection will continue to grow starting with eye colors coming soon!

Favorite foundation, lipstick/lipgloss & mascara?
L'Oreal True Match foundation, Cle de Peau lipstick, Suresh Beauty lipgloss (of course), Mabelline mascara.

Favorite career moment or highlight?
Working with Adriana Lima at my first NY Fashion Week back in 2000.

What can people expect from Suresh Beauty in the future?
More beauty tips, makeup solutions, and straight forward, fabulous products.

Any last words or advice on beauty?
Smile, stand up straight, and look people in the eye. There's nothing more beautiful than confidence!

Thank you so much to Suresh for chatting with me and offering his advice, knowledge and words on Faces By Farah.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

13 Beauty Myths Uncovered!

I happen to come across an Elle Canada article that listed the truth behind 13 beauty myths and I wanted to share them because they are common questions and its about time everyone know the truth!

1. You should never wax before or during your period. TRUE. Hormonal changes just before and during ovulation may heighten the sensitivity of nerve endings, which means that waxing may be more painful, says Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan, a hair-removal expert at OMI Medical Inc. in Toronto. The best time for waxing is just after your period.

2. You should never rub your wrists together when you apply fragrance. TRUE.
According to Marian Bendeth, a fragrance expert and the owner of Sixth Scents in Toronto, this can "bruise" the oils contained in the blend, chemically altering the scent. "Leave it alone and let the air [dry] it," she says. (Im totally guilty of this one!)

3. Shaving makes your hair grow thicker. FALSE. However, it can appear that way, says Oakwell-Morgan. "When you shave, you're cutting hair off at its largest diameter, so you're left with the blunt end, which often feels coarser and thicker," she says.

4. Filing your nails in one direction – instead of back and forth – will prevent shredding. TRUE. According to Carla Kay, a celebrity manicurist and pedicurist in Los Angeles, you should file from each corner of the nail toward the middle to avoid breakage and splitting. Find out your nail polish personality here!

5. The aluminum in antiperspirants can cause breast cancer. FALSE. The Canadian Cancer Society states that there is no proven link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. While Internet scuttlebutt breathes new life into the fear that aluminum salts and other chemicals in antiperspirants mess with breast cells via your armpits' lymph nodes (think of them as conduits in the body), there's no need to sweat it – literally.

6. Plucking your eyebrows will stop them from growing back. TRUE. Sustained tweezing over many years (decades, really) may fatigue the hair follicle to the point where it may not grow back, says Oakwell-Morgan.

7. Applying petroleum jelly to your eyelashes makes them grow faster. FALSE. "It's just genetics: either you have thick gorgeous eyelashes or you don't," says Dr. Monica Furniss, an optometrist in Waterloo, Ont. In fact, the viscous jelly could actually plug glands on the inner rims of your eyelids that produce tears, flush out debris and fend off infections.

8. You ingest pounds of lipstick every year, and it's harmful to your health. FALSE. The average woman is estimated to consume four milligrams of lipstick daily. To reach even half a pound, it would take four lifetimes (assuming lipstick is worn from age 16 to 80). Even then there are no health risks, according to Health Canada.

9. Toothpaste makes the best spot treatment for acne. FALSE. Although some toothpastes contain benzoyl peroxide (an acne-zapping ingredient that is also used as a whitening agent), there are many more-effective products that specifically target acne, says Vignjevic. Look for products with at least five percent benzoyl peroxide, like Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 5 ($7)

10. Trimming your cuticles will make them grow back thicker. TRUE. Pushing your cuticles back is okay, but trimming them breaks the seal with the nail bed, triggering them to grow back thicker to protect the nail from infection, explains Kay. If you've already trimmed them, apply a cuticle oil, like OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go ($10), to restore elasticity.

11. Tooth-whitening products and procedures can damage your teeth. WE DON'T KNOW. The only documented side effect of tooth-bleaching products, including blue-light whitening, is short-term tooth sensitivity. As the Canadian Dental Association points out, the tools haven't been around long enough to documents purported long-term risks, such as enamel corrosion and oral cancer.

12. Sleep debt is real – you can't make up for lost zzzs. TRUE. Most women need between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep every night. The hours we lose to stress, overwork and late-night partying are gone forever, says Dr. Rachel Morehouse, a psychiatrist and medical director of the Atlantic Health Sciences Sleep Centre in Satin John, N.B.

13. Storing fragrances in the fridge will make them last longer. FALSE. The oils in the scents will permeate all fats – such as butter and milk – in your fridge, causing contamination. Instead, keep scents in a cool, dark place, preferably at or just below room temperature, says Bendeth.

So there you have it! 13 less things you need to question the truth on ;)
Did any of these surprise you?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Spotlight: Cargo Cosmetics New Tinted Moisturizer!

Its summer and the thought of putting anything heavy on my face really doesn't appeal to me so just in time for the hot months ahead Cargo Cosmetics have come out with their brand new Tinted Moisturizer with an SPF of 20!

Not on is it a tinted moisturizer that comes in a range of 4 of shades is also lightweight, blendable, good for your skin, has SPF 20 and is paraben and oil-free. It also has Light-diffusing pigments help camouflage imperfections and even out skintone, which lets face who doesn't love that?!

It’s the ultimate blend of skincare and make-up!

I have been testing this product out for a few days now and really like it. It keeps my face moisturized and this product takes away my daily added step of sun screen as its built right in!

It blends well and has a decent coverage for a tinted moisturizer which I was surprised at. A little goes a long way as I found out when I tried to blend the 5 generous dots of product I applied around my face.... I literally only needed half of that!

The product comes in Cargo's traditional silver packaging in a 50ml tube with a twist off top.

The small spout lets just the right amount out at a time.

My shade is Honey, its sheer and blends perfect into my skin.

I have been looking for a good tinted moisturizer that actually blended with my skin tone for a long long time and I'm happy to say that the search is now over, so thank you Cargo Cosmetics for coming up with a product I can add to my summer makeup bag ;)

It retails for $34.00 CDN and is available NOW at Murale, Sears Toronto Eaton Centre, The Bay on Queen St., Ulta in the US and select Independent Beauty Boutiques.

* These products were sent by Cargo Cosmetics for consideration however all reviews are based on my honest opinions.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vintage Photoshoot Teasers....

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with a vintage theme for an awesome couple. My friends Megan and Chris won a contest from a really great photographer AMG Photography where they got a 2 hr free shoot!

They are getting married in September and have sort of a vintage theme so they wanted pictures done that they could display at their reception. Megan did a lot of research and came up with all these amazing situations and ideas for what she wanted, I in turn did a lot of research on vintage period makeup and hair.

Ill be honest and say that this was the first time I ever did hair for a shoot and I was so nervous because not only did I have to do hair but it had to be vintage style.. Yikes! I decided to take what i had learned in the awesome hair session I took with the Lift Beauty Boutique girls and what I had learned from some youtube vids and just run with it.

I did and it worked out pretty well if I do say so myself! The bride to be was thrilled about the final look and I cant wait to see how the pro pics turned out. We were able to get one pro pic back and I took some behind the scenes pics throughout the day.

What do you guys think??

Behind the scenes....

For the makeup I kept the skin super light with a touch of Face Atelier foundation, ConcealFX concealer from CoverFX & Cargo's Blu_Ray pressed Powder. I filled in her brows and added a matte wash of skin tone color on her lids with a medium brown in the crease. We played up the liner with Mac's fluidline and added awesome lashes from NYC to add extra drama. The cheeks got a slight wash of pink and then the lips were lined with a bright red lip liner by Sephora and filled in with Vasanti's USA lipstick (the ultimate red in my opinion!).

The hair was curled using my small and medium barrel Amika irons. The front section was done first and pinned in places while i finished the rest of her hair, once I was done I took out the pins and brushed out the hair. The curls came out SO perfect that we really didn't need much styling so we added a flower to one side and sprayed the heck out of it. Voila!

I'm excited to see the final pro pics and add this amazing shoot to my portfolio!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring Actress Jamie Lynn Spears!

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring actress, performer, mother and Britney Spears baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears!!

Jamie Lynn Spears made her acting debut in the 2002 film Crossroads, which starred elder sister Britney Spears, in a cameo role as young Lucy Wagner.

Jamie then signed on as a regular performer on the Nickelodeon sketch series All That where she stayed on for the last three seasons of the series from 2002 to 2004. She then took the role of Zoey Brooks in the Nickelodeon situation comedy series Zoey 101. The series premiered in 2005 and ran four seasons, earning Spears awards from Young Hollywood Award, Young Artist Award and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. She also recorded the theme song for the show.

I was able to grab a quick opportunity to chat with miss Spears about her upcoming work, her new life and of course beauty. Here is what she had to say.....

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
I have a facebook, but that is all i have. Im not good with computers so I try my best to not be on them! :)

What beauty product(s) would you recommend and why?
I love Revlon, it's really cheap but it works amazing!

How has being a young mother changed you?
Being a young mother has changed me in ALOT of ways. I've realized that I now work around my daughters time. And I cant always so what I want to do. It's made me open up my eyes and see how things can change in the matter of a heart beat and no matter what the case is there is nothing in this world that you should take for granted because life is too short.

Who would you say have been some of your favorite celebs/people to work with and why?
The whole cast of Zoey101, they all have some of the best hearts of anyone I know and all have accomplished alot since then, and I'm very proud of every single one of them.

You're in a huge rush, what one beauty product do you grab?

What can people expect from JamieLynn Spears in the future?
I will be doing an album, which I am actually recording right now, so I hope yall get to hear it soon.

Any last words or advice?
Never live a moment with regret, you only have one chance for every minute of everyday. If something happens and you're not happy with the results, don't stop your day to cry, smile like it never happened and move on because one day everything in your life will be worth the sacrifices you had to make to get there.


Thank you Jamie for being sweet and for taking the time to chat with me.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toronto Deal Of The Day: Tval Skincare pay $10 and get $25 worth of products!

Toronto ladies I found an amazing deal I wanted to share.
For the next 2 days ONLY... Pay only $10 for $25 Worth of Products from TVAL skincare.
If you love using natural product that work this is the line for you!...

I have reviewed this brand here on the blog and really love their mineral makeup
line this is a fantastic deal!


Click HERE to see and purchase this amazing 2 day only deal!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekend full of weddings.....

This past weekend I got a chance to work with one of the sweetest brides. Saturday I woke up to pouring rain and immediately thought of my poor bride, as I drove over I hoped her spirits were still high and that perhaps it would stop by the time she was done her hair.

I arrived at her parents house a few minutes before she did and spent some time setting up and chatting with her mom and aunts which was was interesting because everyone was so relaxed which is rare.
When they arrived her sister hopped in my chair fresh faced and we began. She explained that since this day was simply the ceremony and she normally didn't wear a lot of makeup that keeping it neutral would be best.

So we kept it to golds & browns with minimal liner and clean simple lips and cheeks...
(click to enlarge)

Then it was on to the bride. She also wanted to keep it fairly simple so I decided on champagnes and browns. It was daytime so she didn't want super dramatic but I really think this combination played up her eyes well. We added half lashes and a bit of liner, gloss and blush and she was set!

The following day I arrived at their hotel to get all the bridesmaids and the bride ready for the reception. This time I had a bit of help (thanks Anjali) so we were able to take our time. The Indian outfits were purple and ivory and her reception color was purple so we decided to play up the purple theme. All the girls were so warm and friendly that it made my job so much easier!

Sister of the bride (before pic from the day before)


For the reception the bride wanted a bit more intensity. We used Beautiful Iris, Satellite Dreams, Fig & Nylon shadows from MAC to create this look. We again added the half lashes and more liner (MUFE aqua eyes), clean lips and a touch of blush (nars Orgasm & Peachykeen by MAC). I filled in and cleaned up her brows and added a few coats of mascara and voila!

Part of why I love doing what I do it to see the smile on my clients faces after. I had a blast with this bride, her family and friends and wish A&N all the best in their new life together.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing Cargo's New 3: Triple Action Mascara! Win one before they hit stores!

Introducing Cargo's New 3: Triple Action Mascara!

With this mascara there will be no need for that eyelash curler because CARGO’s innovative 3: Triple Action Mascara is a product that simply does it all. Stop wasting time applying layer upon layer of separate mascara formulas because 3 Mascara thickens, lengthens and curls. Loaded with anti-oxidants and 11 amino acids essential for the health of hair follicles, this mascara makes your lashes look and feel great!

Some of the key features of the 3 Mascara:
  • A revolutionary, flexible film coats, extends and curls, for longer, thicker and fuller-looking lashes
  • A moisture retention barrier locks in essential vitamins and conditioners that promote healthy lashes
  • A fixing film creates a long-lasting, rub-resistant barrier that won’t smudge
  • Jet black pigment makes lashes look visibly defined
  • Free of parabens, alcohol and fragrance
This is a true Triple Threat Mascara that will wow you after just one try ;)

Price: $20 USD/CDN Availability: Fall 2010 at Murale, Sears Toronto Eaton Centre, the Bay on Yonge St., and select Independent Beauty Boutiques.


Would you like to try Cargo's new 3 Mascara even before it hits the stores??

Well I just happen to have a few to giveaway thanks to the awesome people at
Cargo Cosmetics.

Heres how to win:
  • Leave a comment letting me know why you would love to try this new mascara, simple!
  • Please include your email address in your comment.
  • Must be a follower of my blog or facebook fan page
  • Open to all international readers :)
  • Winner will be drawn and emailed June 21st
Bonus Entry:
  • Retweet the following "@facesbyfarah & @cargocosmetics are giving away the new triple threat 3 mascara, enter for your chance to win plz RT "
  • Please comment letting me know you have tweeted.
Good Luck!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Indestructible Volumizing Mousse Review

I recently got the chance to test out the L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Indestructible Volumizing Mousse thanks to my girl Joy.

Want to know my thoughts on this new mousse?
Check out my guest review of L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Indestructible Volumizing Mousse over on Makeup Junkie.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl! Featuring Makeup Artist To The Stars Andrea Claire!

Every Sunday I feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist, actress, socialite or all around awesome person on my blog in a feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring makeup artist to the stars Andrea Claire!

Ive been a long time fan of Andrea's and having gotten the chance to chat with her here and there I'm constantly impressed by her sweet, open and friendly nature. She's done it all in my eyes and is truly an inspiration not only as one amazing makeup artist but as a person too.

Being such a fan of course I had to feature her so I can share her talents, thoughts & advice with all of you ;)

Who is Andrea Claire and why are you so fabulous?
Andrea Claire is a hair & makeup artist, wife and mother. Fabulous is a big word but... insert bio here: Known for beauty by creating luxurious skin tones and lustrous hairdos, Andrea's contemporary style and joie de vivre keeps her in demand with regular and new clients. Andrea has a knack for forecasting the trends and translating clients' visions into reality. A must-have team player on your set. Andrea Claire is a seasoned beauty expert with extensive print, runway, and on-air makeover experience. A hairstylist and make up artist, she’s worked in Toronto, Singapore, New York and parts in between. Her television and on-air makeover credits include Canada’s Stylin' Gypsies, So Chic, Canadian Idol, and various tv guest appearances. Andrea's work has been seen in campaigns for L'Oreal, Revlon, Lancome, Unilever and P & G and has led teams for NY Fashion Week and Canada's Fashion Week. While living in Singapore, she became a regular team member for Bazaar, ELLE, and VIP magazine shoots. A frequent 'go-to' expert, Andrea has also authored many beauty articles with tips, tricks and trends. Celebrity clients have included: Kelly Rowan, Miranda Richardson, Sarah Slean, Alanis Morissette, Bill Nighy, The Veronicas, Natalie Imbruglia, Dayle Haddon and others.

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
I have a blog -; a web and a killer agent I admit to googling my name when bored - it's funny what I have found... When I click on my name I hold my breath as I read, you never know if someone has something negative to say. Proud to say all flattering! *gush*

What beauty product(s) would you recommend and why?

I have a plethora of products on the go that can change season to season or year to year. I have been using Dermalogica skin care since 2003 and cannot live without it, most other products can be interchangeable.

Whats your 'go to' beauty product when doing bridal makeup?

My go-to for bridal: FACEatlelier foundation, NARS Orgasm blush, L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara, Ardell Lashes, Jemma Kidd All Over Dewy Glow, CARGO Cosmetics EyeLighter - this is my basic and then I build from there. I know some people may think as reading 'Gosh, she's giving out all her secrets.' Pffft. No secrets here; I'm an open beauty book.

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

I was an 80s New Waver when I was training to be a makeup artist - I did it ALL then, thankfully with limited self-portraits to prove it. haha. I then just naturally progressed. I went from being a makeup artist for a salon to doing nails and makeup for them. That same salon (in Waterloo at the time) asked me to train to do hair colour. I did, loved it and then moved to Toronto and got my hairstyling licence too. I worked in Yorkville at Civello in the early 90s for 2 years before going freelance. FYI- that first Waterloo salon fired me as according to the owner I would do nothing in this industry..... hmmmm... ok, thanks for the support, Dude. I think that's why I turn away no one who asks for advice. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone needs a mentor.

My favorite line(s) of beauty products is?
I really don't have a favourite makeup line. There are so many great products out there. I have certain go-to faves (see my bridal list above) but not one line could I commit to.

Who would you say have been some of your favorite celeb or high profile clients?

I recently worked with Lady Antebellum - they were great! Alanis Morrisette - very lovely and I think the most intelligent person I have worked on. She was asking me my opinion of various global topics, politics, world hunger, war, etc... and I blanked. I remember thinking I was giving my peers a bad rap - hoping she didn't leave thinking my brain cells were taken away from my aerosol sprays. Kelly Rowan - very classy, sent me a thank you card. Bill Nighy. I can honestly say, out of my list of celeb clients I have had all wonderful experiences. I love working Red Carpet and press junkets. I love music videos too but the hours in videos kill me.

Do you have any "rules" about makeup/beauty you live by?

No rules. If you Wear it, Rock it. I just made that up! :) My new tagline! lol. Some women you see in a very strong makeup or elaborate hairstyle and although it may look great, they seem awkward in body language. If you aren't comfortable, don't do it; or tame it so you feel like you. It's fun to play with the trends and not get stuck in a rut but don't let you friends or over-bearing mother/sister/bff/hairstylist tell you how you look good; you know how you look good - listen to yourself. I get very protective over people, even when I don't know them. I'm a Pisces, it's a curse.

Are there any makeup or beauty faux pas you really really cant stand?
Geometric lip liner, powder and misshapen eyebrows; it's as repetitive as 'drink 8 glasses of water a day' Sometimes I think ALLURE should just be free for women over 17.

Are there any beauty trends that you love right now?
Bronzed skin and tousled buns. LOVE.

Do you have a favorite beauty guru/mentor?
Kevyn Aucoin (rest in peace), Sally Hershberger, Oribe. Can I honourable mention 2 of my past assistants? Greg Wencel and Dee Daly. I have had many assistants over the years that I have watched grow into fabulous artist. *tear* They are all grown up! I am so proud.

Are there any beauty secrets or tips that you have learned over the years and think all women should know about?
I am glad that I had gotten into good skin care- that is a must! Sunglasses all year round cuts down on crow's-feet. I am older than some may think. I get carded ALL the time. PS - I NEVER wear powder. Dermalogia Multi-Vitamin Eye Cream. Buy it, thank me with a card. :) (btw -I am botox and filler free... so far...not to say I am not open to it...)

Was there a product you bought due to word of mouth hype that you just weren't pleased with once you tried?
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - I just don't get the hype.

Favorite foundation, lipstick & mascara?
FACEatelier Foundation, MAC Cosmetics lip anything, L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

What can people expect from Andrea Claire in the future?
As my husband says: I am always up to something! lol. So who knows. I have many doors open and opportunities a-knockin' - I just have to make decisions.

Any last words or advice on beauty?
My advice on beauty for all women: Be you. If you love you than everyone will love you too. Being you can be following the trends to the letter or it could be you not wearing the up-to-the minute colour. I know all women want to look good, that's an easy one- but your version of looking good might be different than your best-friend's opinion (unless you are looking for a make-over) and that's what makes the beauty and fashion world so great - options; and options can change daily, just like our minds. :)


As always a BIG thank you goes out to Andrea Claire for being one fabulous lady ;) I wish her nothing but the best as she heads off to Singapore for yet another chapter of her exciting life!

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