Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LG Toronto Fashion Week FOTD!

Last night I attended 2 LG Fashion Week shows to watch designers Lundstrom & Evan Biddell showcase their new collections. It was my first experience with fashion week so I didn't quite know what to expect. I arrived to a beautifully decorated entrance room stocked with L'oreal makeup and hair stations, Schick Quatrro booth & even Barbie made her presence known at fashion week with a booth all her own!

The music was pumping and the bar was stocked all in anticipation for the runways shows. The who's who of the fashion world were in attendance as well as every key online and off magazine. We saw some of the most amazing shoes, strangest outfits and crazy hats last night but it was all embraced by this fashion forward crowd.

Barbie Booth

This dress was covered in edible goodies.

Dresses made of napkins

Stunning Red dresses front and center as we walked in.

Time for the shows...

And of course it IS a beauty blog so what good would I be if I didn't talk about the look for the night! I wore all black which seemed to be the trend for the night and balanced it all off with a hot red lip!

  • Cargo's Blu Ray Matiffier
  • Vasanti Cosmetics Liquid Cover up in V3
  • Vasanti Cosmetics Face Base Powder in V3
  • Mac Shimmer Tone Blush in Other Worldly
  • Nars Blush in Orgasm
  • Vasanti Cosmetics cream shadow from the new Hampton's Palette
  • Motives Cosmetics Precision Eye Line in Noir
  • Marcelle Cosmetics High Def Mascara
  • Vasanti Cosmetics USA Lipstick
I had a fab time at the show and cant wait for the next one!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take Control of the Oil!

While most of us long for dewy skin because it implies youth & health almost no one wants to look oily, YES there is a difference!

If your skin feels greasy to touch and is prone to blackheads and pimples, you are in the oily skin club. Oily skin tends to attract more grease and grime that can lead to breakouts.

Stick with the basics: The experts suggest cleansing your face two or three times daily with good old soap and water, however these days there are many cleaners made especially for oily skin. Avoid using cleansers that tend to over dry skin as this can cause your skin to produce even more oil than usual.

Using a toner is a good way to cut oil. Toners cool the skin and they range from fresheners, toners to clarifiers that will help cut down on the oil.

Make sure to use only noncomedogenic moisturizers & sunscreen products, this generally means they're oil-free and won't clog pores.

Ive also read that rinsing your face in milk... yes milk can help with the oil as well.

Also before applying makeup try using a mattifier such as Mac's Matte or Cargo's Blu Ray high definition mattifier which I recently reviewed and love. This should help keep the skin nice and matte under your foundation. I also suggest keeping a pack of Oil Free Blotting papers with you when you are on the go as they will come in very handy when you don't have you powder around!

I hope this helps some of you with oily skin.
Do you have any specific things you use or do for your oily skin?
Have you discovered any fabulous product you want to share?

Would love to hear from you :)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Avon Calling! Not just for your mother ;)

I recently placed my first Avon order and was very pleased at not only the speed of delivery but the quality of the products.

I ordered the Perfumed Skin Softener in 'Sweet Honesty', a Glazewear Sparkle Gloss in 'Dazzling Diamond', and 3 Ultra Color Rich lipsticks in 'Pout', 'Sheer Light Peach' and 'Poppy Love'.

Sorry for the quality of the pics but you get the hint of what these look like on.


Sheer Light Peach

Poppy Love

The colors are more accurate in my swatch below.

I love these lipsticks and am so happy that I got them. They are super creamy and moisturizing and are pretty pigmented with the exception of the Sheer Light Peach which doesn't really show too well on me. As you can see Poppy Love is very much a poppy red color and very shiny, Pout is a wonderful pinky nude again with a lot of shine. At approx $4.99 each these lipsticks are worth every penny :)

I also picked up the Dazzling Diamonds gloss just to add on top of some lipsticks I already have. Its super sparkly and not too stick and comes with a sponge doe foot applicator. I haven't used it yet but I'm thinking this may be a great addition to my kit!

The Skin Softener really surprised me since its huge and the picture in the book looked so small. I paid $3.95 for it which then went up to $9.99 I think in a later campaign. It is 150ml of rich, fragrant lotion! These are great for travel or even as gifts and smell awesome.

I'm not really sure why it took me so long to venture into the Avon world but I have to say I'm impressed. The quality of the products is amazing and the price is event better :) Since Avon also sells Mark products I think Ill be testing that out next.

Are you an Avon or Mark fan?
Do you have any favorites?

Id love to hear from you so feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts on Avon.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Feature: You Go Girl!

Ive decided that every Sunday I'm going to feature a blogger, artist, photographer, makeup artist or all around awesome person on my blog in a new feature I like to call "You Go Girl!" or in some cases it may even be "You Go Boy!".

This week Ill be featuring Makeup Artist and fellow blogger Anjali Handa. I asked Anjali some questions and this is what she had to say.

So who are you and why are you so fab?
I didn't realize I was "so fab"!!!! I am a Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger in the Toronto area. I balance that with a professional career in Corporate Learning and Development. I am addicted to social media, shopping, and anything sweet-tasting :)

Where can we find you on the world wide web?
A few places!
My Blog, "Rock that Look":
Facebook Fan Page: Rock that Look
Twitter: anjali_handa

What one beauty product would you recommend to my readers and why?
MAC Paint Pots. They act as an amazing base to any eyeshadow application - I can apply it at 7am and know that my makeup will still be in tact 12 hours later!

Have you ever lost or broken a beauty item you wish you still had today?
I lost my Denmark lipstick from Vasanti, which was really upsetting considering it's a hot new shade for Spring.Luckily I have received a replacement Denmark - it's still in the box but I can't wait to rock it this season!

You're in a huge rush, what one beauty product do you grab?
Blush. I love the look of a clean face with a touch of blush - it adds a warm glow that defines the face while keeping it natural.

Tattooed makeup, yay or nay?
That's a "nay" for me. I can see how others would use it for corrective measures but I personally couldn't commit to anything permanent on my face.

What are your thoughts on fake eyelashes?
LOVE them! Long lashes are a great way to add a sexy element to the eyes...I love falsies for glamorous evening looks and special occasions!

Your favorite post on your blog is?
Probably my first 'how-to' post with pictures.
I remember it took me so long to get the perfect shots and I was very proud of the way they turned out!

Are there any makeup or beauty faux pas you really really cant stand?
Winged eye-liner for a day-time look. I can appreciate that it creates a sexy cat-eye, however I always feel that it's too heavy for a daytime look - I like to save the Cleopatra eyes for a more formal, evening look.

Do you have a favorite beauty guru?
I don't rely on one source specifically, I like to watch videos from around the world and read a wide range of blogs and magazines. With that being said, I consistently watch MakeupGeek, Fafinettex3, and Kandee Johnson on YouTube!

What can people expect from your blog?
I try to mix it up! You'll find product reviews, makeup application tips, different looks and shopping trips. I'll be adding a few new themes to my blog but you'll have to read and follow it to see what I have in mind!

Was there a product you bought due to blog/youtube/word of mouth hype that you just weren't please with once you tried?
DuWop Lip Venom. I read and heard rave reviews about this lip stain but when I finally tried it, it didn't really set on my lips. Part of that was due to my lip texture at the time, a tad dry and tough, so I am trying to keep them soft and moisturized as the weather changes and will try the product again in a few months. Hopefully it will be worth all the buzz!

Any last words or advice?
True beauty is confidence. Stand tall, keep your head up, and smile frequently :) No beauty product will change your natural features, so embrace them! Use makeup as a tool to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. With the right amount of confidence, you can Rock any Look. Keep that in mind and have fun!

Anjali is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend checking her out ;)

I will be featuring someone different every Sunday so be sue to check back to hear from some more fab people!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The how to's of Blush

I got an email with some really helpful hints on picking the right blush based on your eye color and how to apply it based on your eye shape that I though I would share.

Don’t even know where to begin with blush? What shade? Where to apply? How much? …Who knows? The April issue of Women’s Health magazine, offers a guide to choosing the right blush shade to enhance your eyes and work with your face shape. Follow these tips from and you’ll have illuminating skin in no time!

Use your eye color as your guide…

  • Blue Eyes: Use peach or icy pink. This will draw attention to light eyes. Do not use Plum, as this will minimize your eyes.
  • Green Eyes: Use any shade of pink, for a striking look. Do not use deep plum it neutralizes the yellow flecks in green.
  • Brown Eyes: Use berry hues. Yellow tints in your brown eyes will pop against pinkish plums. Do not use neutrals, they blend into the undertones of your eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: Use a pink with violet undertones. Do not use orangey pinks, they dull the gray in hazel.

Learn how to apply the blush for your face shape

  • Oval: Use a brush to dust blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • Round: Apply in a vertical line from the centers of your apples to just about your jawbone.
  • Long: Blend blush along your hairline and outer edges of your cheekbones.
  • Square: Dust into the hollows of your cheeks.

Check out all the blush tips at Womens Health Mag

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips, Tricks & Secrets

When I first started my blog I made sure to write about things such as 'how to make lips look fuller' and 'what olive oil can do for your skin' which I felt were helpful to my readers.

Since then Ive posted tons of reviews but have been slacking on the other things SO while I rack my brain here are some of my past helpful Tips, Tricks & Secrets.

Beauty Secret: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Want your eyeshadow to stay on ALL day? Heres how...
Cost Effective Makeup Remover.
Makeup Artists should always be hygienic!!
Exfoliating... Do I really have to?!
With the sunshine comes....
Project Meltdown Complete!
White/Nude Eyeliner what is it good for?!
Interesting Fact of the day: Fast fix for tired & puffy eyes!
How to make your lips look fuller!
Tips on Applying Liquid Eyeliner
Why should I use toner?

I hope you find some of these posts helpful and informative. More to come!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey MAC, 'Surprise Me' with a 'Blow Dry'!

At my recent trip to the Mac Warehouse sale I picked up a Lustre Lipstick called "Blow Dry" (From the Blonde, Brunette, Red Head Collection). I fell in love with the rich coral color as soon as I saw it and had to have it. I tried it on and wore it everyday that week even though I hate wearing lipstick (I'm slowing getting over that!), cuz that's how much I loved it.

This past Monday I met up with a friend who agreed to swap my charity bag for hers (thanks Anj) and in that swap I got another Lustre Lipstick called "Surprise Me" which again I opened and fell in love with. I have been wearing it everyday this week and decided today I would share my 2 new fab lipsticks with you guys.

I finally opened up both lipsticks to take pictures and guess what?? They are almost identical!!! This explains why I am in love with them equally but not why MAC would make 2 shades SO similar. The only reason I can come up with is because maybe one got discontinued before the other.... Who knows either way they are both gorgeous and I'm happy to add them to my collection.

You can see how similar they are and the swatches below confirm that.

These lipsticks are sheer and creamy and look great on any skin tone. Although they are discontinued if you wanted to grab them you can still find them at All Cosmetics Wholesale... Surprise Me for $24.99 and Blow Dry for $16.99.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mary Kay's Tropical Fruits Collection Just in time for Spring!

Mary Kay has come out with its limited edition Tropical Fruits Collection just in time for spring!
The collection includes 2 cheek glazes, 3 lip nectar's and a gorgeous dual shade cream highlighter.

The 2 cheek glazes retail for $20 each and come in 2 exotic shades, Mandarin & Pomegranate. They are infused with extracts or mandarin orange, watermelon, peach and vitamin E. They have a very sheer texture that is buildable and can not only be used on the cheeks but also the lips. The glazes have a gel texture that is super lightweight and no greasy which I like.

The Mandarin shade didn't really show up on my skin tone but that didn't stop me from finding a way to use it! I simply apply it as a base and then layer it with a powder blush which makes the color of the blush a lot bolder. This is a great solution if you own any blushes that aren't too pigmented, now you can find a way to make them pop!

The pomegranate shade was really nice. It can be subtle at first which I like for the days I simply want a bit of color but it totally buildable so you can make it as bold as you want. Its great for a work look during the day and when you add a bit more you're ready for a dinner date or party.

As you can see I have already been playing with mine!

The cream highlighter retails for $18 and has 2 neutral shades swirled together that makes it perfect for all skin tones. Again this product is buildable and can go from sheer to a night bright golden color. It is made with a skin conditioning formula that helps it glide on and illuminate the skin.

What I really like about this product is that its universal meaning I can use it to highlight areas of the face but also as an eyeshadow or a highlight to the brow bone. It blends well so really the sky is the limit and its such a stunning color that it would make a great eyeshadow base or an all over lid color.

The lip nectar's retail for $16.50 each come in 3 shades Coconut, Mango & Passionfruit. They are a moisturizing balm with the longevity of a lipstick! These pretty lip nectar's are infused with mango and shea butter, jojoba plus antioxidants such as apricot kernel oil and vitamin E to help hydrate the lips.

I really like the texture and feel of these lip nectar's, they are creamy and feel light yet are so pigmented that if applied with sparingly with your finger it could very well be used as a lip stain. I found the mango color a bit too orange for my skin tone but will totally be using it in my kit. My favorite has got to be the coconut shade as I am a total nude lip fan.

Here are all the swatches of the Tropical Fruits Collection by Mary Kay

Overall this collection is great and includes a few wonderful basics. They all have a smooth texture and are lightweight which is key for me. I will be having a lot of fun with this collection over the summer that's for sure!

Mary Kay products are available online so if you're interested in trying out this collection hurry because remember they are a limited edition!

* These products were sent to me by Mary Kay for consideration.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

4pc MAC Cosmetics Giveaway!!

So me and Blogger are finally getting along after a LONG night of fighting SO as you can imagine I'm feeling pretty accomplished today lol.

Its been a while since Ive had a giveaway SO I thought who needs an excuse for a giveaway right?
I love my readers & clients and to show my love I'm hosting a 4pc Mac Cosmetics Lip Set Giveaway!!

Here's what 1 lucky winner will get.
  • 'Fantasia' Lustre Lipstick
  • 'Get Rich Quick' Dazzleglass
  • 'Cedar' Lip Pencil
  • A gunmetal metallic makeup pouch to hold it all!
How to win:
  • You must comment below telling me your favorite Mac Cosmetics product (be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner)
Extra Entry:
  • Tweet about this giveaway with the following "@FacesByFarah is giving away a 4pc MAC Cosmetics Lip set as a thank you to all her readers. Enter today "
  • Please let me know when you tweet so I can add an extra entry for you.

  • You must be a follower of either the Face By Farah blog OR Facebook fan page (please state where you are following in your comment) Sorry following ONLY on Twitter doesn't count.
  • You must leave an email address in your comment so I can reach you
  • Contest open to all INTERNATIONAL readers
  • Contest closes March 31st 2010 at 11:59pm
  • Winner will be announced the following day

Thank you for the continued support and I really love all your comments so keep them coming :)

Good Luck!!

Contest is now closed and the winner will be notified today! Thanks to all those who entered.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Natural Daylight in a box will save this MUA from bad lighting!

I had been on the hunt for some decent lighting for when I do bridal trials at home in the evenings or for when I go to my clients and they have poor lighting when I remembered seeing something on the same site where I bought my automatic soap dispenser.

The site is and although most of their stuff is geared towards helping the elderly and those with mobility issues they do have some pretty useful things that I have been impressed with.

They have two different Natural Day Lamps and after reading the stats on both I went with the Day Light – Natural Light Therapy Model DL930 because it was a bit lighter in weight. I took it home and have tested out on a few clients now and I gotta say the amount of light it gives off is amazing. As most of my trials are in the evening this light keeps my condo bright without being over powering which is what I wanted.

I had to play around with where to position it as I didn't want to cast a shadow and in the end I think pointing it upwards so it reflects off my ceiling is the best option (it may be different in other rooms but for me this worked best). It will still give off tons of light into the room without being directly in the clients face or giving off shadows which make it hard to work.

It comes with height adjustable legs that are SO easy to attach you simply wind up the dial on each side of the arm, the legs make the lamp easy to swivel up or down and if you don't want the legs there is a built in stand that flips out like a picture frame that you can use.

The lamp also has 2 settings one that turns on 2 of the bulbs and one that turns on all 3. It is flicker & glare free, UV filtered & safe, has a built in stand & handle and only weighs 6.5 lbs!

Not only did this lamp really make a difference in lighting the room my clients were in so I could apply the makeup better but it really did have a calming effect.

The site states that The Day Light provides optimal light therapy and is clinically proven to treat Mood swings, Jet Lag / Shift Work Adjustment, Circadian Sleep Disorders, SAD and the Winter Blues, PMS and Antepartum Blues, Non-seasonal Depression as well as reduce food cravings, especially for carbohydrates.

I found that after having the lamp on in the evening when it was dark out for a few hours was very soothing. I almost didn't want to turn it off as it went back to my dull yellow lighting. You know its working when even others in the room request for it to be turned back on!

You know I never realized now dim and soft the lighting was in my place until I brought this light home. It makes you feel like you are out in the sun and almost everyone feels better in the sun no?

Here is a pretty informative video on this lamp and its benefits.

Overall I am so happy with my purchase. It retails for $189.99 which while it is a hefty price it ranks right up there if not cheaper than all the other lighting for MUA's Ive seen online BUT this is the only one I found that has all the added benefits such as helping with mood swings and the blues!

Its light weight and easy for me to transport it to shoots or to where my clients may be and all I need is an outlet to plug it into and I'm ready to go!

The bonus is that this item qualifies for FREE shipping in Canada & the US!

If you are a makeup artist, beauty junkie OR anyone who suffers from the winter blues or mood swings I highly recommend the
Day Light – Natural Light Therapy.

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