Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh YES, Caryl Baker Visage Offers Facials and Im a Fan!

When you think of Caryl Baker Visage you may think of eye brow waxing, makeup applications, quality products and maybe even skincare but did you know that that offer a whole line of facials too?!

Oh yes they do! I got the chance to visit the location at the Pickering Town Centre where I met with Jacqulyn (who happened to be the owner) for their Ultimate Facial now called their Pure Oxygen Facial experience. She was full of interesting facts & knowledge which immediately made me super comfortable. 

After she explained the steps of the facial and got me comfortable behind the privacy screen (great feature!) she took the time to examine my skin under a magnifying mirror -yikes, applied eye covers so that the light & products wouldn't get near my eyes and began the facial.

She started by cleansing & toning my skin with their organic line called Organics which I had no idea they even had but loved immediately. The cleanser really felt like it gave me a deep clean and smelled really nice. 

The facial was a 60 minute treatment that combines the use of hydrating collagen and pure oxygen. Some of the benefits include:
Breathing life back into your skin cells
Stimulates collagen and elastin growth
Lightens and brightens appearance of skin
Fades pigmentation naturally
Improves rosacea, acne, all forms of dermatitis such as eczema and psoriasis
Maintains moisture and nutrient levels resulting in a supple youthful appearance

The collagen mask which is a sheet that looks like a face that is placed over your entire face and left to sit for 10 minutes or so to work its magic. The mask is super cold and refreshing when applied and felt moist against my skin. Lying back with this baby on my skin I almost fell asleep thank god it was cold because if it was warm I would have been out like a light!

Overall I really enjoyed my entire experience at Caryl Baker Visage. From the customer service to the knowledgable staff to the quality products I wouldn't hesitate to recommend heading in the next time you are in need of a facial!

Over the next few days I noticed my skin looking a lot more radiant, refined and just better overall. I couldn't be happier with the product and plan on going back to get it done again.

The Pure Oxygen Facial is regularly $105 or for Beauty Club Members $89. Well worth every penny!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is creative originality dead in 2013?

Is creative originality dead in 2013?
In a world that contains the iPhone, Facebook, Kindles and gourmet ready meals designed by top chefs, it seems as though almost anything is possible. The latest generations of hi-tech gadgets and social media networks seem to arrive as soon as we’ve adjusted to the last round of updates. But fashion, by contrast, seems to be stuck in a never-ending mode of recycling the past, with retailers raiding the wardrobes of decades long gone to repackage old styles for the next generation.
And it’s not just in the world of fashion. Shows like The VoiceX Factor and Glee spawn legions of chart-topping cover versions of yesterday’s greatest hits without bringing much – if any – original songwriting to the table. Meanwhile, the film industry seems to be stuck in an endless cycle of rebooting previous box-office hits in a relentless stream of remakes of remakes - and if it’s not a remake, chances are the source material is either a novel, a comic book or a biography. Does this mean that creative originality is dead?
“People do not like complete surprises, they like pleasant surprises,” explains Price Jaccobi of Consolidated Films. “A pleasant surprise is breakfast in bed, a bad surprise is a breakfast of bran muffins when you are used to eggs and bacon. By patronising these movie remakes, audiences are telling us that they want things to be familiar and at the same time new.”
Something similar happens on the journey from the catwalk to the high street. “Fashion shows are exhibitions of artwork, where morsels of extravaganza fly off the wall to come crashing right between your eyes,” says Julian Sudre. “The emphasis is not on the wearable, and neither on the functionality. It’s about innovation and beauty.”
But high-street fashion needs to be more approachable, and ultimately more familiar. While adventurous vintage garments are all the rage for the trendy student market, high-street retailers tend to update vintage styles for a more wearable, contemporary look. There’s something so much more accessible about a familiar style on the receiving end of a revamp. Hemlines are adjusted, cuts altered, more current fabrics and patterns chosen to give garments a modern twist, creating fresh and eye-catching pieces.
Lots of trends that appeared to have kicked the bucket have enjoyed a revival over the last few years: take a bow skinny jeans, Edwardian-style blouses, 60s floral prints, 40s tea dresses, victory rolls and poodle skirts, elegant pencil dresses, beehives and 90s biker boots. With a subtle update – a new pattern, a comfortable stretch fabric or a demure adjustment to the hem – it’s possible to maintain a very current wardrobe without stepping outside your fashion comfort zone.
And let’s be honest: everyone reserves a slice of wardrobe space for an item or two that they never wear anymore, but hold out hopes that eventually it may see the light of day again. Whether it’s out of hope that those size 12 pre-baby jeans will breeze over your hips if you can just stick with the New Year’s resolutions, or just that those over-the-top 80s shoulder pads will eventually have their day again, we’ve all been guilty of nostalgia at some point in our lives.
Perhaps, rather than looking at this phenomenon as a widespread lack of originality, it's better to view it as simply a 'culture of reinvention'. After all, sometimes these modern reboots and updates offer a significant improvement on the original product, and, ultimately, allow new generations to tap into much-loved classics - whether that happens to be Spider-Man or 80s legwarmers.
*This was a sponsored post provided by the client*
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Notes For First Time Moms To be From A First Time Mom Part 2

To read part 1 where I give you my notes on Pregnancy, Delivery & After the birth please click here or scroll down ;)

Part 2 is all about your first 3 months of mommyhood... again this is mainly based on my own findings, thoughts and experience.

ready? Here we go!

After you have the baby you may still be super swollen, have cankles, a pouch and your rings may not fit.... it will take a while but your body will even itself out. (in my case the swelling and weight went away after 1 week)

Getting discharged from the hospital at 10pm is NOT the best idea so try to see if you can leave earlier.

Its wise to install your car seat before you are even close to your due date just in case...

You will be slightly freaked out when placing your newborn in the car seat for the first time... Its totally different than the doll you practiced with.

Once you get home your first thoughts will be.... now what?!

All you will want to do is sleep but chances are you will spend all night (perhaps for the first week or 2) making sure your baby is breathing....

Before your baby arrives you may think getting up every 1-3hrs to feed will be the most annoying thing ever.... its annoying but you wont care because your motherly instinct to take care of your child will get you through it.

If your mother (or motherly figure, close friend or any family member for that matter) offers to come stay with you for the week say YES! Even if they are there to just hold the baby so you can eat or shower you will be SO thankful for the help.

SITS baths are helpful, needed and give you an excuse for some me time.

The Peri bottle they give you at the hospital will be your new best friend.

You may think your 7 pounder will fit newborn sized clothing because they are a good size... they will be swimming on them for a while to come.

The sleepers (or mittens) that cover the hands are a godsend for babies that love to scratch themselves

Have baby mittens so your baby wont scratch but they keep slipping off? Use baby socks instead ;)

You don't have to bath your newborn everyday at this stage

Newborn bedtime routine?... huh? 

If you plan on breastfeeding.. a good BF'ing pillow is a great thing!

Sometimes you wont know what the heck your baby wants or why they are fussing/crying and thats ok you are just getting used to each other

You and your baby WILL get to know each other in the first few weeks and things will seem a bit less foreign 

Having a few ready made or concentrate formula cans (go online for samples before your due date) at home even if you're planning to breast feed is a good idea because not all babies are BF'ing champs right away.

Same with bottles (make sure the nipples are stage 1) and newborn pacifiers don't hurt either if you want to introduce them.

Those freezer meals (or fresh cooked meals ppl bring over) really will come in handy in the first few weeks.

Everyone and their mom will want to come visit you and baby right away... pick and choose who will come visit and its ok if you need some time to adjust before you let the rest of the world in.

When you do get to take a shower.... take 2 minutes to yourself... breathe deep and smile because you were so brave and so strong to have brought a precious life into this world and its the most amazing feeling in the world!

Every time your baby grabs your finger it will melt your heart.

You will look down while holding baby and think WOW we made you... often

You will become a diaper changing pro because your baby WILL poop as soon as your put a fresh diaper on, do up all the buttons on their sleeper, take them downstairs, sit down and start to relax.

The first few times you bathe your baby you will be scared shitless even though they gave you that 5 minute demo in the hospital.

Every week your baby grows your will find yourself saying "I cant believe she's a week(2,3..etc) old already"

Getting newborn photos is such a great memory even if its a photoshoot at home.

Baby acne IS normal and will usually go away by itself

If you don't clean under your baby's neck properly it will have a funky smell so be sure to really get in there. (a bit of diaper rash cream can help too)

You will be told a 100 different things by a 100 different people on how to raise, bathe, feed, sleep train & parent your child... DO do whats best and what works for you and your baby.

The baby blues is totally normal for the first 2-3 weeks after baby.. any longer and it may be post partum so chat with your dr about it.

Crying for no reason what so ever means you are totally normal...

You may not think your baby is "fun" at first because all they do is sleep, eat & poop... just wait because one day soon they will become more than that and it will be wonderful.

Your bedtime may shift from midnight (pre-baby) to 8pm (post-baby) and thats ok :)

They grow so fast that by the time your baby is 3 months you will look at newborns as if they are SO tiny forgetting you were just there.

Now that you are on mat leave and home with the baby... your baby will be your best friend and you will find yourself having full conversations with them.

You will have a million questions everyday about your baby & parenting... Join an online forum such as (.ca) so you can chat with other moms who have babies the same age as you. Its been one of the best things ive done.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot but this is just some of the notes I could think of in my mommy brain!!

I want to end by saying be sure to enjoy your new miracle... they are the best little thing(s) in the world.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Notes For First Time Moms To be From A First Time Mom Part 1

Just a few notes for first time moms to be from a first time mom (based on my experience).......

Pregnancy, Delivery & After the birth..

Those adorable outfits you just have to have for your newborn will probably sit in your closet and never get worn because 99% of the time your baby will be in sleepers for the first 2-3 months so invest in cute outfits for 3+ months

The really expensive crib bedding you had custom made that came with the most luxurious bumpers will probably never get used because you WILL be slightly paranoid about the whole bumpers are dangerous for your baby debate.

Nothing can prepare you for what labour will feel like

If you are dead set against medication or an epidural and are telling everyone you think its horrible and wrong... shut your mouth because you may be the first one yelling for the DR to "give you the drugs"

Those "techniques" you will learn about in your pre-natal class that help with labour pains go right out the window once active labour actually starts... Breathing deep however helps so dont forget to breathe!

Counting how many minutes apart your contractions are may be hard when you are having contractions in the middle of the night and your partner is sleeping! We had no idea so my husband told the nurse on the phone a random #.. it happened to be 6 lol.

Labour at home as long as you can because when you get to the hospital begging for an epidural you wont be allowed to walk or even get out of bed.

EAT before you go to the hospital if you can because if you get an epidural they will not allow you to eat and you will be a starvin marvin.

The rumours of how much the epidural will hurt are true however you wont give 2 hoots because the pain of the contractions will override the fear of how much it will hurt.

Once you get said epidural, you will be a happy camper.

While in labour you will have no shame even if you think you will before hand.

Your "Birth Plan" will most likely go out the window as soon as you arrive at the hospital. Its ok because the pain, lack of focus & then joy will make you forget you ever had one.

Being shy is NOT an option when it comes time to push. Your plans of having just your partner and the DR in the room may end up being your partner, doula, midwife, 2 nurses, your DR, a resident DR & a whole NICU team... just saying...

Pushing out a baby can take a LONG time!

You may have to tell the nurses when you need to push because the monitor that is supposed to tell them when your contractions are may fail

The ring of fire is not a myth and is NO joke... be prepared

The minute you push the baby out is the best feeling in the world in that moment

Doing skin to skin is so worth it

Once things calm down and you have a moment to digest things you will notice your chin and neck hurt from pushing 

The "thing" you have been talking to for 9 months is actually a real live baby and they are yours

They WILL recognize mommys voice

You will realize what unconditional instant love is

Reality will set in after a few hours and you will realize you have no idea what to do now

Breast feeding looks easy but its anything but.... be patient.

If the hospital allows you to stay more than 24hrs... take them up on it

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mommy Moment of the Day! TGIF!

Going to pour your almond milk into your coffee but pouring it into your massive jar of peanut butter instead!

Happy Friday!

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